Secret Wars 2015: C2E2 Reveals Three More Titles, Including An Avengers / X-Men One, Increasing Marvel Comics Tie-Ins to 55!

So far, Marvel Comics has announced 52 tie-in mini-series or one-shots for Secret Wars 2015 for June and July 2015 along with the cancellation of 33 series.

With that, Marvel Comics has reached its “New 52” Secret Wars tie-in mark which may be a poke in DC Comics eyes since since DC won’t being using that branding after Convergence anyway. 😉

However, at and alongside C2E2 this past weekend, Marvel Comics announced a further 3 tie-ins raising the total number to 55,

Before we get to those two new titles, here are Marvel’s New 52 Secret Wars 2015 announcements so far:

We’re also still waiting on Marvel Comics’ Ultraverse and CrossGen Secret Wars 2015 tie-in news. No happy ending with that? 🙁

Anyhow, at and alongside C2E2 2015, Marvel Comics announced three (3) more, a mini-series and a one-shot, which brings us to 54 Secret Wars 2015 on top of the core event mini-series. These new books, that appear to start shipping in August 2015, are:

  • A Marvel Universe spanning Secret Love an anthology series editted by Emily Shaw.
  • An Avengers / X-Men title in Ant-Man (with Phoenix?) written by Nick Spencer with art by Ramon Rosanas.
  • Howard, duck no more, in Howard The Human written by Skottie Young with art by Jim Mahfood.

Secret Wars 2015 Secret Love Secret Wars 2015 Ant-Man Howard the Human Secret Wars 2015

More teaser art has also been released by Marvel for Secret Wars 2015’s Secret Love anthology.

Secret Love Secret Wars 2015 A Secret Love Secret Wars 2015 B Secret Love Secret Wars 2015 C

With Marvel Comics’ formal July and August 2015 solicitations, will Secret Wars 2015 go beyond 54 tie-ins?

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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