DC Comics Spoilers & Reviews: Convergence #4, The Multiversity #2 & Convergence: Booster Gold #1! Telos vs. Brainiac?! (UPDATED)

Convergence Week Four promises big things with Convergence #4, Grant Morrison’s The Multiversity #2, and the most important two-shot mini-series Convergence: Booster Gold #1 all hitting stands today.

To prepare to for our spoilers and reviews of all three DC Comics titles, let’s get you caught up on the lead-in issues of the eight week long Convergence event series:

  • Convergence #0 spoilers here.
  • Convergence #1 spoilers here.
  • Convergence #2 spoilers here.
  • Convergence #3 spoilers here.

In addition, as some obscure characters have popped up in the Convergence weekly that are playing large roles, we’ve also pulled some Who’s Who together for you and they are:

Alrighty then, spoilers and reviews follow for Grant Morrison’s The Multiversity #2, Convergence Booster Gold #1 and Convergence #4!

The Multiversity #2 Spoilers and Review

The Multiversity #2 cover reveal preview spoilers 1 Justice Incarnate Multiversity #1 Spoilers Preview A1 The Multiversity #2 cover reveal preview spoilers 2 Multiversity #1 Spoilers Preview A2 Multiversity #1 Spoilers Preview A3

Ok, the Multiversity #2 was difficult to follow, but opens with the infected / vampiric Monitor now “Super Judge” and a Cosmic Rubik Cube with the fate of the multiverse at stake. The Monitor is freed of his evil bonds and now is on the side of the light.

Multiversity #1 Spoilers 1 Multiversity #1 Spoilers 4 Multiversity #1 Spoilers 5 Multiversity #1 Spoilers 6

However, the Justice Incarnate, yes that’s the multiverse’s Justice League’s name, find out someone else has been behind the evil Gentry from the Multiversity #1.

Multiversity #1 Spoilers 10 Multiversity #1 Spoilers 11

Good guys win. Multiverse is saved. Multiverse 2 is referenced as this being’s previous victim; I guess that makes the post-Flashpoint DC multiverse – formerly the DC New 52 – Multiverse 3? And this all supposedly ties into Convergence.

Multiversity #1 Spoilers 12 Multiversity #1 Spoilers 13 Multiversity #1 Spoilers 14 Multiversity #1 Spoilers 15

I welcome other explanations on what happened in this issue and how it ties into Convergence. šŸ™‚

Convergence: Booster Gold #1 Spoilers and Review

Convergence Booster Gold #1 Spoilers Preview 1 Convergence Booster Gold #1 Spoilers Preview 2

Convergence #4 Spoilers and Review

Convergence #4 Spoilers Preview #1 DC Comics Convergence #4 Spoilers Preview A1 DC Comics Convergence #4 Spoilers Preview A2 DC Comics Convergence #4 Spoilers Preview A3

The book opens with Telos and Earth 2’s Dick Grayson conversing after the death of the Earth 2 Batman Thomas Wayne. Telos seems conflicted about what’s transpiring.

Convergence #4 Spoilers 2 Convergence #4 Spoilers 4

We also get a bit more on the trapped time travellers as Deimos confronts Shakira.

Convergence #4 Spoilers 3 Convergence #4 Spoilers 5

Our subplots converge as the Earth 2’s (Justice) Society, Deimos / Shakira / Time Travellers, and Telos / Earth 2 Dick Grayson are part of a battle royale that brings an anticipated party into play.

Convergence #4 Spoilers 6 Convergence #4 Spoilers 7

That anticipated party? Brainiac in a giant t-sphere!

Convergence #4 Spoilers 8

It all spills into Convergence #5 which is billed as Brainiac vs. Telos! Here’s the main cover to Convergence #5 and the variant cover featuring Brainiac vs. Telos sans logo!

Convergence #5 Convergence #5 cover 2

Wishing you all a Happy Free Comic Book Day 2015 (FCBD) this upcoming Saturday May 2, 2015! Have fun and see you back here next Wednesday May 6, 2015 for more DC Comics’ Convergence #5 and beyond comic book coverage.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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