DC Comics Endgame Finale Spoilers & Review: Batman #40 With Batman’s & Joker’s Fates Plus Setting Up New Batman For FCBD 2015 Divergence #1?!

Writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo’s Batman #40 finally hit shelves today and features the end to their Endgame arc and, presumably, the end of the Joker and Batman’s feud. Or so its been hyped. It also leads directly into Free Comic Book Day 2015 (FCBD 2015) DC Comics offering of Divergence #1 that teases, in part, the new direction for Batman post Convergence.

Spoilers and review follow for Batman #40

The Joker and Batman due some serious bloody battling. Batman’s eye is presumably severely damaged.

Batman #40 Spoilers Preview 1 Batman #40 Spoilers Preview 2 Batman #40 Spoilers Endgame Finale 1 Batman #40 Spoilers Endgame Finale 2

Everyone believes Batman is dead, but we see Bruce Wayne in shadow at the end of the issue in the seedier part of Gotham City. Even loyal servant Alfred Pennymorth, a seemingly maimed Alfred Pennyworth, believes Bruce Wayne / Batman to be dead.

Batman #40 Spoilers Endgame Finale 3 Batman #40 Spoilers Endgame Finale 4 Batman #40 Spoilers Endgame Finale 5

This all leads into this Saturday May 2, 2015’s DC Comics Free Comic Book Day 2015 offering Divergence #1. This DC Comics FCBD 2015 Divergence one-shot (a play on “Convergence” name) sets up a few post-Convergence DC happenings including the new direction for Batman and, in fact, a new Batman.

DC Comics FCBD Free Comic Book Day 2015 Divergence Batman #40 spoiler who is the new Batman DC Comics

Former Commissioner James Gordon, haircut and all, is the new mechanized Batman working for the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD). This James Gordon GCPD Batman pages from Divergence #1 was leaked weeks ago, but we chose not run it at that time because we’re comic book fans here first and several weeks’ out spoilers for DC Comics FCBD 2015 Divergence #1 seemed distasteful and unfanlike. So, we’re a few days out, so here you go.

What do you think of Batman #40’s end to Endgame and the new Batman set to debut in Divergence #1 for FCBD and lead into June 2015’s Batman #41? Will you pick up Batman #41 in 2 months?

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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