Tuesday Raw Roundtable: Post-Extreme Rules Show (Kane, Big Show, The Ryback, Kane, Roman Reigns, Rusev)

What did the Pulse Wrestling crew think of the show?

Darren Paltrowitz

I was very high on WWE as a result of Wrestlemania. I figured that it was a chance to reset most of the storylines and call up some of the great NXT talent.

Unfortunately, a lot of those storylines continued into Extreme Rules and still remain put. The Authority is still doing the same thing. Bray Wyatt is still jibber-jabbering about how everything is lying. Roman Reigns is still doing the “believe that” thing. Big Show is still an angry giant. Although, fortunately, Axelmania is still running wild.

The tag team division seems to have been reset, and I think The New Day has potential to be the most hated heel tag team in recent memory. Only I think it’s inevitable that The Lucha Dragons take the titles for them, and then proceed to alienate all of the “true” fans for being so kid-friendly.

Damien Sandow got some mic time last night, which was a good thing in theory. But his new character seems unclear. Is he still a mimic? Is he just a babyface that smiles?

I always liked Fandango and initially enjoyed Adam Rose, but was there a point for two jobbers to be wrestling and ultimately feuding because of Rosa Mendes? We already saw this last year with Fandango and Summer Rae and Layla both “interfering” in his matches.

It was great to see Bo Dallas on the mic, although it was unclear if Bray Wyatt’s post-match attack on Bo’s opponent (Ryback) had anything to do with their brotherhood.

While it is a good thing that the “divas are getting a chance,” it’s still the wrong divas getting the screen time.

I take back everything I said about Sheamus being a natural heel. I want to turn off the TV every time he comes on.

Heath Slater, I feel for you, buddy.

The Prime Time Players were not there.

One more episode like this and I’m done with RAW. Okay, two. Maybe three. Four, tops.


Raw was okay this week but the bringing back of King of the Ring seems rushed and not planned very well from a Creative standpoint. I hate the fact that Payback is giving us Cena-Rusev IV, but I did enjoy that Damien Sandow promo and his exchange with Curtis Axel.

Widro (@Widro)

It’s amazing that WWE has so many hours of TV, but seemingly so few wrestlers being featured and pushed. After an “extreme” three hour PPV that was anything but extreme, WWE moved on with this tepid direction with another three hours of forgettable boredom.

You can even see by the participation in this Roundtable feature as well as site-wide, people are just less and less interested in this deluge of snooze wrestling product. Nothing has importance. Everything is boring.

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