Marvel Comics Spoilers & Review: Star Wars # 4 By Jason Aaron & John Cassaday

Star Wars 4 A

Star Wars #4 Review & Spoilers
Published: April 22, 2015
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Jason Aaron
Cover Artist: John Cassaday
Publisher: Marvel Comics

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…..

Hey readers Wed 4/22/15 saw the release of Marvel Star Wars # 4, so lets go through some of the action.

This issue starts off in the San Dunes of Tatooine, Vader has arrived to seek out the Hutt Jabba. We get an awesome splash page depicting the intense confrontation between the 2 Villains, the Sith Lord and The Hutt, this page does the scene much justice as they stand before each other. After discussing some business for the Emperor they move on to Darth Vader’s personal matters. Vader written well as always, had an amazing line shutting down the great hutt, he basically tells him what he will do and ends any chance of negotiations. Once that’s finished they celebrate over watching things die, Jabba then coordinates entertainment and a feast in the honor of both terms coming together. The 2 then celebrate over food and blood shed (can Vader even eat?).

Cutting scenes we venture to our hero’s, as they are reconstructing the Falcon. Han comments on how it was a miracle the ship flew despite being partially dissembled.

Princess Leia is seen in a meeting with the Rebel Alliance, they discuss their next plans moving forward against the Empire. Even though they have weakened Emperor forces along with his influence by destroying the Death Star, Leia wants to continue the assault. With diminishing resources the Rebel council decides other wise and would rather use their small victory as time to find a new base of command. Frustrated Liea leave to seek advice from the young Jedi In training Luke Skywalker, determined pressing forward is the best course of action..

Luke is found training, frustrated with his limited source of power. Vader made him feel insignificant and he is now doubting Master Kenobi’s faith in him, Luke has an overwhelming feeling there is something he is missing, and until he finds out what that may be, he will be no use to the Rebellion forces. Luke expresses his feelings along with his doubts to Leia, telling her he isn’t ready for any more missions until he finds the answers he seeks. This is a turn of events, seeing such doubt by the Jedi makes it interesting to see how his character will develop, I am sure he will but its how he will get there that strikes intrigue. I can only imagine what he will uncover during his soul searching.

As we return to Tatooine, there are all kinds of bounty hunters looking for any information on Han and the other Rebellion forces. A trap is set, causing all the scumbags of the city to attempt to capitalize on unsuspecting prey. The problem is they are the one’s who are the prey after all. Put in a vicarious situation the scumbags are left with no choice but to squeal, giving out all the information they know. Some how they were able to salvage their lives moving forward and learned a valuable lesson in underestimation. This scene saw the use of a weapon called a Voice-activated smart-targeting scatterblaster, it shoots at any target it’s master calls out. The darn thing is sweet, and I really wish I had one of those things lying around.

Returning to the big time, we find Vader and Jabba becoming board with their entertainment. Talks move to Master Kenobi and he stay on the dry planet. Jabba shows some true brain power here piecing together parts of the story, he then continues with taunting that Vader, along with the Empire have less control then they’re letting on. He continues calling Vader’s bluff on the Death Star’s destruction, taunting the influence they must have lost due to this. He also used innuendos in a round about way to diss Vader, I am not sure if this was an intended shot but he commented..

” Who Knew ANYONE of note was ever born on Tatooine Eh?” – Jabba The Hutt.

This was my favorite panel in the entire comic, the artist was still able to show a Smug look on Vader’s face, despite his helmet. I consciously thought about how Salty Vader must feel at that moment.

As we transition to the final pages, we can see a lot of set up for the next issue. Luke still feeling unrest decides to make the daring trip to Tatooine. He just can’t shake the feeling of uncertainty so he must go there to search on his own. With Vader there you can imagine he will sense him, we maybe seeing the ground work for an impending confrontation between the two just around the corner. We also see the introduction of a major fan favorite on the last page, BOBA FETT. He is looking for answers and information about Ben Kenobi. It seems the bounty hunter, the Sith Lord, and the young Jedi are on a collision course and I am excited to see where this goes.

This was a good set up issue, It is clear we have a lot in store for number 6. I would expect we see Luke face to face with Vader, and we will see how they both fair in each other’s presence. With Vader’s curiosity growing its clear if he senses the young Jedi he will track him down with ease, due to his immense power level. Personally I liked the addition of Boba Fett at the end, I have a feeling he is going to act as the X factor in the coming issues. His card can be played in any fashion and I believe he will muck things up for everyone. I give this issue a 8/10. Good set up and if you read up until this point, along with some of the other Star Wars titles from Marvel, you know there will be a payoff. I really hope we learn more of what Vader has planned for young Luke Skywaker…..

– Grainbelt Jones