Just In Time For Avengers Age Of Ultron! Looking Back At Marvel’s Avengers: A Retro-Review With Spoilers Compendium!

With the new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie debuting this week-end, I thought it might be a good time for people to take a stroll down the Avengers’ memory lane.

Age of Ultron poster Avengers banner Starting last summer, I reread Avengers Vol. 1 from issue 240 until its end with issue 402 (although there were some gaps as I got closer to the end, and the 90s took over at Marvel).

I don’t believe that any of this material is being mined for the new movie, as it looks to be blending some of the earliest issues with more recent Ultron storylines like Kurt Busiek’s masterpiece of Vol. 3, but it’s always fun to look back on the team that has always been the backbone of the Marvel Universe.

Avengers 273Here are links to the reviews I wrote, which include spoilers, and which separated the series into key runs or eras based largely on creative teams.

I’d hoped to get to Busiek’s run before the movie came out, but that didn’t happen.  Still, I hope you enjoyed this look back.  Please share any feedback below!

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