Arrow Spoilers: Will Atom Be Oliver’s Short-Term Replacement On Team Arrow?

With Oliver choosing to stay in Nanda Parbat, it almost seems like Starling City will lose its hero for the time being.

According to, this won’t simply be the same thing we saw in earlier this season. The site talked to showrunner Marc Guggenheim about what appears to be the same kind of storyline that we have already seen.

“The tricky thing about [the next episode] is making it different from… when Oliver was missing and presumed dead,” said Guggenheim. “One of the things we talked about is, How is Team Arrow functioning post-Oliver? We didn’t want to get into ‘crime on the rise,’ because I felt like we did that with Brick, but you’ll see with [the next two episodes] what Team Arrow is up to and how they’re working to continue to protect the city.” And no, that doesn’t mean the Atom will simply step in to fill the void.

The producer was quick to note that Ray Palmer isn’t a member of the team.

“Every time Ray interacts with or allies himself with Team Arrow, there’s a story reason behind it, as opposed to just the assumption that, ‘OK, he’s part of the team now.’ [This week] is a very Team Arrow-centric episode, and Ray, for all of his charms and for all of the help he can provide, is not a member of Team Arrow.”