Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With Big Brother Canada 3‘s Sindy Nguyen

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Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With Big Brother Canada 3's Sindy Nguyen
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The day after she was evicted out of the Big Brother Canada 3 house (for a second time), I had the chance to catch up with Sindy Nguyen to discuss what happened. We talked about which eviction was tougher for her to handle and if she felt that she surprised people by beating Naeha in the competition to see which pre-jury member would get to return to the house. Sindy opened up about when her plan to realign with Jordan changed and if she was influenced by what she learned in the Sequester House. I asked her if she thought that her odds would have improved if she had realigned with Jordan and added another vote to the Diaper alliance and if this was something that she now regretted. The beauty queen and I also discussed the pressures of playing aggressively after getting another chance at the game and if she felt like she had to overcompensate for what happened the first time that she was in the house. I asked Sindy if she really blamed Pili for nominating her when she nominated Pili after she won the veto in the first week. She also elaborated on Bobby and why they seemed to clash so much in the house.

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Murtz Jaffer: Sindy, how are you?

Sindy Nguyen: I am great Murtz. Happy to hear from you but not happy.

MJ: Which eviction was tougher for you? The first one or this one?

SN: This one. I feel like [with] the first eviction, I kind of sealed my own fate with the whole HOH conversation. I didn’t really have a chance to play. This time, I did have a chance to play. I was able to make a big move. I thought we kind of changed the dynamic of the house… that people will understand that the game has started already and it’s been going for the last bajillion weeks and they need to start playing! So this was definitely a very, very hard eviction for me to swallow.

MJ: I think a lot of people were expecting Naeha to win the competition to come back into the house. Do you think you surprised people with how well you did?

SN: I think I did (considering how I was surprised that I went back in the house!) I thought Naeha was definitely going to make her way back in but I also have the same will and drive to be successful in coming back, and I underestimated myself as well. I never thought that I would ever do well in competition nor did I ever think that I was a game player. Naeha is a huge super fan. Her entire life is Big Brother. So a bit of me wanted her to make in but I’m glad that I did and I’m glad that I made an impression… that I surprised people.

MJ: The last time we spoke and I asked you what your strategy would be if you were to reenter the house, you said that you wanted to come back in and align with Naeha, Jordan, Bruno and Sarah. When you returned, Naeha had already been evicted and you immediately went after JP. Can you elaborate on what you learned in sequester that affected your plan to realign with Jordan and target him instead?

SN: What I did learn was that Jordan is extremely close with Zach. They kind of made a Final 2 deal and that was what I learned from Naeha and then Graig and Johnny kind of reconfirmed that ‘yes they are extremely close’ so to just be careful with that. And you know, Jordan made a couple of comments after I left about us and everything, so that put me in a sour mood. I never expected to go after JP but he was on the block so it was my good chance to. In order for me to take down Zach… I needed to take down his sidekick as well. I had that opportunity and I took advantage of it. I knew that I could work with Godfrey because Godfrey is a game player and that was one less person for Zach.

MJ: After entering the house and seeing that Zach was the HOH, I always felt like your best move would have been to go back to JP and join the couples. If it was Zach/Ashleigh, Kevin/Pili and you and Jordan, I feel like you guys could have easily run through everyone else. Did you ever consider making this move?

SN: I did consider making this move originally when JP told me about it. But the thing is… although Kevin, Pilar and Zach and Ashleigh are in a showmance [alliance], Ashleigh and Pilar were the only two holding that together while Zach and Kevin aren’t really talking game or (so it seems). So I feel like if I would have joined that section, I don’t think I would have really been playing and I think I would have disappointed a lot of the fans as well as Canada (to see me coming in to play safe). No matter who I would have aligned myself with, I was always the target. So for me to join JP and join the other side, it would feel like I was copping out and taking the safe way, the safe route and again, we wouldn’t be playing. So I’m gone and I standby the decision that I made. Like I said, it’s always been a consideration but I was the target… so it didn’t matter what I did.

MJ: If you had known that you were going to leave the week after you flipped the house on JP, would you still have made the same move?

SN: Definitely. I had a strong feeling that after my safety [week was over], I was definitely going to be on the block. The only chance that I would have to not be on the block was if myself, Sarah, Brittnee or Godfrey won that HOH. What was the difference? Four out seven? That’s small odds for me to not be on the block. So I’m glad that I made the move that I did and looking back it’s like I’m glad I did it (knowing that I was leaving next week) because at least I made one big move in the house and hopefully made an impact to the game as well.  I tried to give some good entertainment for Canada to watch because I think you guys are kind of getting bored of everyone just making out in the hot tub and dry humping you know?

MJ: When you leave the house and get the chance to come back in, is there a pressure to play aggressively and overcompensate? Do you think you would have lasted a little bit longer if you had laid back a little?

SN: There was definitely pressure to play aggressively. We all agreed that if we were to come in (because we were going to have targets on our back), we needed to come in with guns blazing. We needed to take advantage of what we learned (but take that with a grain of salt) and also see how people were playing. I don’t think I was really overcompensating because I didn’t do much during the first round that I was in the house. I was doing what everyone was doing. Following the house, tagging along. I didn’t have an alliance. I didn’t talk game to a lot of people. I was kind of floating around as well. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to play. I played aggressively because I had to (time was against me) and I was already foreseeing me leaving or being on the block the following week, so I did what I had to do and I’m proud of myself for that.

MJ: You said that you were disappointed in Pili’s decision to nominate you, but can you really blame her for putting you on the block as you nominated her in the first week after you won the veto? Do you think that had anything to do with her decision to nominate you?

SN: I don’t think that ever had — I don’t think that ever influenced her decision (the fact that I did put her up on the block the first time around) because during that first time around, after I put her up, I pulled her aside and said, ‘I’m really sorry and it was only because you were one of the only people that I didn’t talk to, so I figured that was the first name that came to my mind’, and she said, ‘I completely understand. I hold nothing against you.’ And then the week that she was on the block, I was by her side the whole time. Even though I wanted Risha to stay, I was still by her side. We were very close at that time and I stayed true to that. To this day, I will be disappointed by Pilar’s decision to nominate me because she could have had such a huge influence and could have done so well and people would have seen her in the different light if she had made that one move.  If Pilar goes to the Final 2 with anyone in the house, no one in their right mind would vote for Pilar to win that $100,000 (especially after what she did during her HOH) because, not to lie, she pretty much wasted that HOH because taking me out wasn’t a big move. Taking me out was the easiest way to play this game.

MJ: You seemed to really clash with Bobby during your time in the Big Brother House. It was almost a love/hate relationship with you flirting with him in the first HOH competition to him nominating you on Day 11 to you voting together to evict JP to you guys living together in the vault. Ultimately, he decided to eliminate you in last week’s HOH competition. What are your thoughts on Bobby in general?

SN: My thoughts on my Bobby in general is that I still think he is a very, very annoying person and that I can’t stand the kid. But [from] a game perspective, I wanted to work with him and I thought we had that chance (especially after being in the vault for 24 hours). But the fact that he took me out as the first person to be taken out of that HOH competition (and after we just flipped the house and after we had the numbers to make an impact) and he just took me out because he didn’t want blood in his hands and he didn’t know what to do? Then making that rude comment saying, ‘Sindy, there’s only one life to Big Brother,’ that’s what put on him on the bad side. And I did go to him and say, ‘listen, the whole house knows I’m going after you, but if we work together now, they would never expect us to be working together,’ (because I would have done the same speech if Graig was in the house) and I would always put my personal feelings aside. I was just very, very frustrated that instead of him taking the opportunity to think game-wise, he thought I was a bigger threat to him. Well, honestly, I could have been his best and biggest ally in the house.

MJ: Is there any part of you that blames Sarah for your eviction as it appears she was more loyal to Brittnee than she was to you?

SN: I can’t blame Sarah for that. Sarah, as much as she is a game player, she’s also an emotional player as well. She did have Brittnee for an extra two weeks. Everyone had each other for an extra two weeks and I was gone. So in the Big Brother house, one week there, it’s like a month in the real world and what you build and the bonds that you build in those couple of weeks makes a huge difference. So of course Pilar… she’s going to go and listen to Ashleigh and of course Sarah is going to be on Brittnee side because Brittnee was there for her for those two weeks that I was gone. So I wish… I knew that if I had the guaranteed three votes to stay in the house, Sarah would have voted for me to stay as well as Willow but because there were no guarantees, she had to do what was best for her game and that was to keep Brittnee.

MJ: You really laid it all on the line in your final speech to the houseguests. At that point, did you think you had any shot to save yourself or do you think that your fate was sealed?

SN: My fate was already sealed. When you go into that voting and you go into that eviction, no one is going to sit there and go, ‘I don’t know who to vote for but depending on what they say in their speeches, it’s definitely going to sway my vote.’ No. Everybody knows exactly who they’re voting for. This was my opportunity to take advantage of it and speak my mind on what I thought they should have done. I knew I was going to be voted out unanimously so I’m glad I said what I needed to say and hopefully what I said, sticks to their mind because I know they are going to badmouth and talk about me afterwards being like, ‘oh I can’t believe she said this, this and this and she’s already out of the game.’ But at least I made an influence.

MJ: Who is the player that is the most likely to get your jury vote if they make it to the end and who is the player that is the least likely to get your jury vote if they make it to the end?

SN: If they make it to the end, I would definitely vote for Bruno and/or Sarah. I’m going to give you two names. And the person that is the least likely to get my jury vote would be Ashleigh and Pilar.

MJ: Amazing. Well, Sindy, it was great talking to you twice. I hope you have a great time in the jury house.

SN: Oh don’t miss me too much. It was great talking to you too.

MJ: All right, take care. Bye-bye.

SN: You too, bye.

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