Will Smith’s Deadshot Mask For Suicide Squad Film Finally Revealed! UPDATED!

In addition to the Suicide Squad film case photo, with all of the team in costume, there’s been an additional photo circulating the internet that may puts some fans’ concerns at ease.

Many long-standing Suicide Squad on one hand welcomed the gravitas and exposure actor Will Smith will bring to the Suicide Squad film, but many also thought he was miscast and not just because of his ethnicity. Next to Deathstroke, or along with, Deadshot has one of the best masks in comics. Well, despite Will Smith being maskless in the recent team photo, apparently the character of Deadshot does also have a mask.

My hope is that the below image is real. I haven’t found the original source, just what I’ve seen in my Facebook feed.

UPDATE: Suicide Squad film director David Ayer confirmed that this in fact is Deadshot, played by Will Smith, and his mask!

Will Smith as Deadshot with Mask for Suicide Squad movie Suicide Squad #6 Deadshot

Suicide Squad will open in theaters on August 5, 2016.

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