JR Blog: Mayweather-Pacquiao, Hulk Hogan/WM32, Montreal Raw

Jim Ross checked in with a Monday blog, here are some highlights:

on Mayweather-Pacquiao
The Mayweather-Pacquiao fight was under whelming to say the least. The post match press conference, yes I watched it until well after 2 a.m. Oklahoma time, was even more of an unhinged circus with excuses, outlandish statements and fighters endangering their health as in breaking their arms patting themselves on the back. Manny hallucinated that he thought he won the fight while Floyd gave us an update on his bank account. The fight itself was pedestrian to say the least and never truly created any fire or passion to engage the rich and famous fans there to be seen and obviously not to be heard. Legit fight fans were priced out of the equation but provided TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, etc with plenty of footage and sound bytes to last a week or more.

on Hulk Hogan/WM32
Read where Hulk Hogan said that he was going to wrestle at WM32 in Arlington, Texas. Don’t know if that’s wishful thinking or something that has been internally confirmed. If Hogan is going to have ‘one more match,” WM32 would be the place to do it. It would be a nice, nostalgic, special attraction type of bout that I’m sure many fans would be curious to see.

on Montreal Raw
RAW is in Montreal tonight for a special, Pat Patterson Night,that was rescheduled as a result of the last time it was to happen Jerry Lawler suffered a near fatal heart attack while sitting at ringside. Ironically, it was on this date in 1981 that Patterson had his famous Alley Fight vs Sgt Slaughter in Madison Square Garden which was one of the greatest ‘brawls’ I’ve ever seen. Congrats to Pat who, along with Ray Stevens, is arguably one of the top five tag teams of all time.

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