Lucha Underground 04/29/15 Review/Results

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Hey guys welcome back…. Lucha Underground is back once again on the El Rey network, lets get into the show….

The shows stars out with Dario Cueto, he is talking to the crew who are coming off the big loss from last week. Basically he is not happy they failed to beat Angelico, Havok, and Ivelisse. Cueto comments the worst team that took a beating of a life time and were very dysfunctional should have been easy pickings, yet the crew still couldn’t get it done!! Next Dario brings them into another room where he keeps his “brother” in a cage. He says if they do not make their wrong right, they will have to apologizes to his brother in the cage, and he isn’t as forgiving as Cueto.

We then move right into the temple where we see Vampiro and Stryker. They hype the Drago match reminding us if he loses he will banished from the temple forever.

We then see Fenix who is in the ring, after he is introduced we get the introduction of Killshot who comes out to a decent pop.

Match 1 = Fenix Vs Killshot

We kick off the first match with a nice lock up, each Lucha is feeling each other out, and they hit some nice combinations. Fenix hits the first big offense by nailing a nice drop kick, then transitions into a hurricanrana that drops killshot on the outside floor. Once Killshot recovers he comes back with a combination that ends up setting up a dive of his own. Killshot then actually shows some strength by countering a dragon ddt and transitions nicely into a spinning suplex. This match seems to be setting up Killshot nicely and allowing him to show off his moves. Every time Fenix tries to hit offense he is countered, he tries to hit Killshot with a nice clothes line but ends up taking a nice cutter instead. After the cutter and a few big moves, Fenix starts to come to life and hits a nice drop kick while Killshot is laying in the corner. We continue the match with a lot of back and forth with a slew of stiff kicks being thrown. Each wrestler is trying to do their best to knock the other out and continue landing heavy strikes. Both are using all kinds of crazy stiff offense and some of these shots look seriously painful. My favorite kick comes from Killshot, simple but effective a nice spinning side kick that looked like it took Fenix’s head off. Once the kicking fest stops, Killshot goes to the top rope looking to go high risk. Fenix counters him with a nice strike, then lifts him off the turnbuckle and drops him with the fire driver pinning him for the 1..2..3

Winner = Fenix

Not bad for Killshot’s first singles match in the promotion, i thought he did well and I was definitely entertained. I will say I felt this was a bit short, so I do feel slightly cheated. After all we have seen Killshot do in trios tournament I expected them to let him shine a bit more. As I stated I was entertained and the match wasn’t terrible, but it didn’t blow my socks off either. I have a feeling this was to expose Killshot just enough to justify this match, yet they are building Fenix for something bigger. I did notice they mentioned Mil Muertes a lot so maybe that means they are building Fenix for his return. Also since they mentioned Mil Muertes it got me thinking, what ever happened to Catrina? I might have to go back through some of my reviews but I don’t think they touch on where she has gone since Fenix beat Muertes in that casket match. Anyway I hope they give Killshot something because the dude is really good and I think with the right program he could be a Lucha who could carry a meaningful story line.

We next get a teaser for Cage VS King Cuerno VS Hernadez in a triple threat. Apparently Cage and Cuerno both think Hernandez screwed them over and they want revenge. Since this is a triple threat match I imagine Cage and Cuerno will team up on Hernandez until one of them decides to go for the win causing a beef to brew between them!

We then get another Vignette in the bathroom. Cueto comes in calling out to Drago who appears quite quickly. Cueto is completely trolling Drago by saying he did not thank him for his opportunity, he goes on about his strong spirit, but says despite all that he has his work cut out for him. He then states he has a feeling tonight Drago will finally give him the thanks he deserves.

We come back from commercials to another backstage promo, Puma is taping up and Dario Cueto appears again. He talks to Puma telling him he understands it must be hard to have to take a mans career away. He reminds Puma what it means to hold the title and that warriors show no remorse. As Cueto walks away he crosses paths with Hernandez, Hernandez is pissed he must wrestle a triple threat match with 2 of his enemy’s.He also says he doesn’t care about Puma which catches Puma’s attention! Cueto and Hernandez go back and forth and finally Cueto tells Hernandez to survive tonight, because he is the only reason Puma kept his title. Since he bailed out Puma more than once he should have an opportunity to wrestle for the belt. This also catches Puma’s attention and he looks displeased listening in on the conversation. Hernandez seems to be happy with this news and decides to leave, the clip ends with a shot of Puma grasping his title.

Back in the ring now we see Famous B, the first thing I thought of was didn’t he get his arm snapped? We then get introduced to RIcky Mandel and I thought wait didn’t he get his arm snapped too by Pentagon Jr. I’m like what the hell is going on with this. At least Ricky got boo’ed so that made me feel a bit better, anyway the Camera pans over to VInny Massaro, and at that point I got a little heated, the Italian Jobber is back? WHY? I know for sure he got his armed snapped and I just can’t imagine what they have planned here. I really hope this is a 3 on 1 match with Pentagon Jr because I have no care to see this Job fest take place. My hopes were crushed when we were lastly introduced to Agenis, I was hoping Pentagon Jr but hey at least we got someone decent in this match. Right away I’m like Argenis has this for sure, there is no way the 3 other Jobbers have a chance, but lets see where this goes.

Commentary actually put this match into perspective and actually got me more excited. They reminded me all the wrestlers were injured and that Dario Cueto put them all in a match for that very reason. I instantly cared more and kind of loved the concept once it all made sense.

Match 2 = Famous B VS Ricky Mandel VS VInny Massro VS Argenis

The match begins with Famous B taking on Ricky, and Argenis taking on Vinny. The match didn’t even get to go anywhere beyond this because Texano came out of no where and interfered in the match. The bell rings and they throw the match out as Texano cleans house taking out each of the job squad. He even throws the ref out of the ring and focuses on Famous B as his victim. He drops Famous B with a Sick power bomb and grabs the mic to cut a promo. He basically makes fun of all the jobbers saying he doesn’t know who any of those guys were, but he wants to talk to the guy who put his on hands on him last week. YES HE IS CALLING OUT DAIVARI. He basically tells him to come to the temple so he can give him the beating of his life. The crowd pops huge for Texano and I am super stoked that we may see a match with Daivari

Winner = Disqualification

Wow Dario Cueto is seen again outside, an inde looking guy comes up to him stating he loves the company and thinks Puma is awesome. Dario says fine he can watch the show but he will need to wait in line. The guy then introduces himself as Marty the Moth and says he wants to be in on the action, he continues by telling cueto the moth is his spirit animal. Cueto turns him down and says he will be squashed like Moth in his temple and walks back into the building.

Next we get the hype up for the number 1 contenders match for the Lucha Underground Title.


Match 3 = Cage VS King Cuerno VS Hernandez

I am super stoked for this, love Hernandez and I have a feeling we will get to see him do some cool stuff. He doesn’t have partners so we will get a better gauge at how his style will be in this promotion!!

As expected, Cage and Cuerno double team Hernandez right away, they stomp him to the ground and begin the double team assault. They drop him with a double suplex then Cage hits him with a standing moonsault, just before Cuerno jumps off the ropes for a splash of his own. Sure enough Cuerno goes for the pin pissing off Cage, so Cage tries to roll Cuerno up into a pin, but Cuerno kicks out. After stopping the pin attempt Cuerno again takes on Cage as they go back and forth seemingly dropping their alliance for the time being. Once Hernandez recovers he slides into the ring as both Cage and Cuerno catch him with dual super kicks. Next Cage and Cuerno continue to go at it but eventually Hernandez re emerges on the scene dropping Cuerno. This match is actually worked really cool, the story is Hernandez is posing the big threat, so Cage and Cuerno go after each other until Hernandez tries to get offense in, where then they team up on him doing the classic triple threat formula. Finally Hernandez singles out Cuerno and he drops him with a huge power shoulder block. Once Cuerno is out of the way, its Cage and Hernandez. The 2 big guys stare down each other teasing they will finally square off completely 1 on 1. Randomly here comes in Marty the Moth??? He gets in the ring and Cuerno makes him eat a huge running drop kick, he seriously has my favorite running drop kick in the bizz. it’s just crazy the way he darts at his opponent kicking them so hard they lunge to the other side of the ring. After taking the drop kick, the rest slap the Moth up and toss him out of the ring. This distraction allowed Hernandez to send Cage out of the ring and Drop Cuerno with a Dominater slam for the 1..2…3. The Moth leaves and is made to look like a loser….

Winner = Hernandez

Next we get an interview from the new triple crown champions with Vampiro running the segment.. Each of them are arguing over who the captain is for the team. How bad ass is Ivelisse for rocking the cast in the interview. If you didn’t know she legitimately broke her ankle in their title match (which was insane) and some how finished the match. The interview ends with all them bickering and we move on with the show.

Now we come to commentary as they finish their thoughts on the interview and hype up the main event.

Match 4 Main Event = Drago Vs Prince Puma For the Lucha Underground Title.

Puma comes out and he is still rocking the Puma head dress, he also has Konann with him and since we haven’t seen him for a while it was good to see. Commentary says Konann is the dark cloud that hovers over the bright star of Puma.

Wow the match starts off with a handshake as commentary really puts over how every time Dargo’s shoulders will touch the match he is fighting for his career. We see a nice show of athletics by both Lucha’s but Drago gets in the first dive of the match. The fans are chanting holly shit as Drago continues his assault. I like how Drago is showing more aggression and we see a new side of Drago, as he takes it to the champ working on the legs. After taking some punishment Puma comes back with a nice missile drop kick from the top rope sending Drago to the outside, allowing Puma to hit him with a dive of his own. As Konann spouts words of wisdom we see Puma taking it to Drago hitting him with an amazing splash or swanton bouncing off the ropes, honestly I can’t even call it, it was so awesome you should check it out for yourself. Puma then continued to be in control until he runs right into a huge kick, now showing a bit more desperation Drago hits a nice combinations of clothes lines and transitions into and nice submission. Honestly this was a nice change because we never see submissions or rest holds, I loved this by Drago because it changed the pace nicely. After using the crowd for energy Puma gets to the ropes and once again after taking a few moves he re turns the tides in his favor. Now each of wrestlers are getting more frustrated each time their opponents kicks out and Konann reminds Puma Drago is fighting for his career, that this will not be easy. These guys are putting on a show and the crowd is fully invested into Puma and this match, Lucha chants happen often as they go back and forth giving it all they got. Puma then puts Drago on his shoulders turns and knocks out the ref for the second Ref bump of the night. Drago then drops Puma with a huge Canadian destroyer. ( THIS GOT ME TO POP). The ref is knocked out so there is no count for Drago’s pin attempts as Hernandez come out to interfere. As Drago goes to get the ref Puma gets up and they both are on their feet. Hernandez charges at Puma but he moves and Hernandez nails Drago, the crowd chants perro and Konann yells for Puma to finish Drago. The ref gets up as Puma drops Drago with a Spinning michinoku driver. Pinning Drago for the 1…2…3

Winner = Prince Puma

The crowd chants for Drago as he looks around the temple, his career is over and everyone chants thank you Drago as he exits the temple. As the show ends Drago is walking outside the temple and passes Cueto who gives him a stare. Drago does his tongue gimmick and says he will see Cueto again, he walks off and seemingly burst into flames going back to Dragon land I suppose!!

The show was what I expected it to be, more focused on rebuilding for a new slew of story lines. After last weeks HUGE show this one came down a bit but was well executed and did the job it was intended too. I wouldn’t say there was anything AMAZING done as far as crazy moves, but if you’re a lover of story lines I think you will be well pleased with what they did booking wise on this show. I like to think this was the Dario Cueto show because he was damn near in every segment! Seeing Drago leave was cool but I have a feeling he will return next season with a fresh start allowing us to get excited for him again, I like his work but frankly his best of 5 series kind of over exposed him. I like the stuff with Hernandez and Puma yet they also teased Hernandez and Cage. There is a lot of stuff brewing so we just have to wait and see what will happen next. I hope you all enjoyed this weeks show, let me know your thoughts!!!

– Grainbelt Jones