Marvel Comics’ Secret Wars Spoilers: Secret Wars #1 Picks Up From Where FCBD 2015’s Secret Wars #0 Left Off Via Preview!

This week’s Secret Wars #1 flows directly from Marvel Comics’ Free Comic Book Day 2015 (FCBD 2015) Secret Wars #0 (spoilers here). This big 2015 Marvel Comic event sports 55 tie-in Secret Wars titles.

Spoilers and teaser art follow for Marvel’s Secret Wars 2015 #1! Ultimate Marvel collides with the 616!

In addition to the 12 regular and variant covers (all are here) to Marvel Comic’s Secret Wars #1, Marvel has provided a 2-page, yes a TWO page, preview for Secret Wars #1. Below is my fave Secret Wars #1 cover plus those 2 Marvel preview pages.

As you can see, it continues directly from the FCBD 2015 Secret Wars #0 development that had the Ultimate Universe’s Iron Man enter the main Marvel Universe 616!

Alex Ross Secret Wars #1 homage variant Secret Wars #1 2015 Spoilers Preview 1 Secret Wars #1 2015 Spoilers Preview 2

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