Pull List Roundtable – 5/6/2015 – Secret Wars #1, Convergence Week 5, Dead Drop #1 (Spoilers Free)

James Fulton

  • Secret Wars #1 – Like just about everyone else, I’ll be picking this up. I’ve liked what writer Jonathan Hickman has done in the Marvel Universe, and am curious to see how much this event can stay true to his long-running storyline, and how much of it is going to get co-opted into promoting the eight thousand new series Marvel is launching to tie in or support this. I figure this will either be surprisingly good, or a massive mess.
  • Dead Drop #1 – I have a hard time making up my mind about writer Ales Kot. I often find his work a little too hard to follow or pretentious, but I think he has some pretty amazing ideas. Having him write a series with the Valiant characters intrigues me – Valiant has been on fire, and I have a lot of faith in their editors to keep storylines cohesive, so this gets a check-out.
  • Zero #16 – Also out this week is the new issue of Zero, Kot’s best comic. The last issue, which suggested that the series is being written by William S. Burroughs in a fury of drugs and guilt, really threw me, but also caught my attention.
  • Afterlife With Archie #8 – I’d pretty much given up on this title, which is way better than it has any right to be. Roberto Aguirre Sacasa’s use of these characters has been surprising and impressive, and Francesco Francavilla’s art is wonderful.
  • No Mercy #2 – The first issue of No Mercy, an Image series by Alex De Campi and Carla Speed McNeil about a group of American pre-college students who get in a bus crash in the middle of nowhere in a Latin American country, was excellent. I’ve been looking forward to this issue since I finished the last one.

John Babos

  • Convergence 5 – In the home stretch now!
  • Convergence: Speed Force #2 – So good to see THE Wally West in action again alongside his family.
  • Dead Drop #1 – Another short and impactful Valiant mini.
  • Secret Wars #1 – Curious what the hubbub is about.
  • Valiant Universe Handbook 2015 Edition #1 – Eh, why not?

Alexander Lucard

  • Convergence #5 – I love the Warlord heavy aspect of this mini. It’s what has kept me around.
  • Convergence Harley Quinn #2 – Gotham City Sirens Vs. the Amazing Zoo Crew. This is better than it has any right to be.
  • Convergence Nightwing/Oracle #2 – Love these characters far more than Grayson and Batgirl. Glad to see them one last time.
  • Convergence Speed Force #2 – I do miss Wally as Flash, or Wally at all, really. Another series I’ve been getting for Nostalgia more than anything else.
  • Convergence Superman #2. Hey, it’s Superman written by Dan Jurgens. It’s Superman happily married to Lois Lane instead of having his secret identity revealed by her. It’s the Superman I used to care about and pull regularly instead of the crap he’s turned into with the New 52. Oh, I’m going to miss Convergence just for these.
  • Dead Drop #1. I love every series Valiant has put out so far except for Doctor Mirage. Hopefully this doesn’t disappoint. The premise seems a lot of fun.
  • The Complete Carl Barks Library Volume 9: Donald Duck – The Pixilated Parrot. I got mine a week ago but I guess it’s actually supposed to be out this week, so lucky me! It’s Carl Barks – pound for pound the single greatest and most influential writer in the entire history of comics. I have ever hardcover collection Fantagraphics has put out so far, and at a rate of 2-3 a year, I’ll be getting these for another decade.

Mike Maillaro

  • Secret Wars #1 – Or as I like to call it “The Elephant In the Room.” I have ZERO interest in this series, but since I enjoy quite a bit of Marvel’s books, I feel like I have to buy it just to know what’s going to happen to the books I enjoy reading. Jonathan Hickman holds basically no appeal for me. Sorry to sound so cynical, but I am expecting Secret Wars to be a huge disappointment.
  • Convergence Week 5 – Meanwhile, Convergence rolls on. I actually thought week 4 was the best week by far, so I definitely am feeling a little more optimistic about this event. This week, I am most looking forward to Batgirl, Justice League, Nightwing/Oracle, Speed Force, Superman, And Question
  • Dead Drop #1 – I got to read a review copy of this one, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Definitely a very different type of X-O Manowar story. Fast paced and entertaining. A great jump on point for any new Valiant readers.
  • Sword of Sorrows – Dynamite’s massive all-female crossover kicks off this week. I have been looking forward to this for a while. Dynamite has done a great job with books like Masks and Legenderry teaming up their various licenses and public domain characters. This one is a no brainer for me.
  • Masks 2 #2 – Speaking of Masks, the first issue of the second Masks serious was great, so this is another one that rises to the top of my must read list. From what I know, this one jumps forward to the 70’s and runs with some intriguing parallels to the events of the first issue.
  • Afterlife With Archie #8 – This comic is great, but it is damn depressing how long we have to wait between issues. I’d be lying if I said I remembered exactly what happened in issue 7, but I did love it….
  • Amazing Spider-Man #18 – I am pretty sure this is the last issue of Spider-Man before Secret Wars brings back Mary Jane and Little May. That makes me feel a little weird about this issue. It seems to be high stakes with everything going on with Parker Industries…but will any of it matter when Secret Wars hits? But, I’ve loved Slott’s run and I am looking forward to this comic either way.

Paul Miranda

  • ANT-MAN #5
  • AVENGERS vs.
  • CONVERGENCE #5 (of 8)
  • CONVERGENCE: ATOM #2 (of 2)
  • SECRET WARS #1 (of 8)

Only one major, major title is buzz-worthy this week.

  • SECRET WARS #1 (of 8)
    Let’s see how Jonathan Hickman will exploit the Incursions. The bigger question is the fallout from this: is the Marvel Universe re-booted? re-formed? The gorgeous Alex Ross covers never hurt.


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