JR Blog: Dean Ambrose, Bret Hart in Montreal, King Wade Barrett, Lana/Rusev

Jim Ross checked in with a Tuesday blog, here are some highlights:

on Dean Ambrose
I like the fact that Dean Ambrose returns to more relevancy as he’s now in the main event of Payback along with Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns in a WWE Title bout that will feature the three former members of The Shield which speaks well to the productivity of WWE NXT. I’d love to see this be an elimination rules four way but it’s likely to be a traditional Fatal Four Way where the first man to score a pin or submission is declared the winner which means that the WWE Title holder has no championship advantage and cannot retain the title via disqualification or count out. These bouts can be feast or famine but have the potential to provide adequate drama in the expected Payback show closer.

on Bret Hart in Montreal
Thought the utilization of Bret Hart in Montreal was spot on as he gave Sami Zayn a magnificent “rub.” Zayn and John Cena had an excellent presentation that the fans genuinely cared about and it seemingly suspended the audience’s disbelief and the fans emotionally invested in their home towner who made his RAW debut. It played well on TV. Good booking.

on King Wade Barrett
Would liked to have seen King Wade Barrett cheat to beat Neville instead of beating the new talent straight away in the tag bout.

on Lana/Rusev
Curious to see how this Lana/Rusev business plays out. Lana has ‘it’ and may end up being a bigger star than Rusev as stranger things have happened….see Sable and Marc Mero. I still like Rusev’s upside no matter his present creative role.

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