Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Showrunners Promise Massive Twist In Sunday’s Finale

If you are a fan of ABC’s Once Upon A Time, you might just want to brace yourself.

Showrunners Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz promise a game-changing finale that will be a change from the last couple of finales. Instead of pointing to a new place like Frozen, or Neverland, it is something that will apparently impact everyone and change the direction of the show.

“There is a top-secret scene that I’m shocked hasn’t got out — but there’s still time!” Once co-creator Eddy Kitsis tells TVLine with a knowing laugh. “We’ll absolutely be setting up what Season 5 will be, but unlike last year where it was, ‘Hey, it’s Frozen,’ or the year before which was, ‘Hey, we’re going to Neverland,’ this one will be much more like Season 1 in that it’s a condition of the show that changes and has ramifications for everyone.”

Adam Horowitz mused “…If we zigged in the past, we’re hoping to zag this time.”


Source: TVLine.com