2015 Secret Wars #1 Spoilers & Review: Witness Last Moments Of Marvel Comics Main 616 & Ultimate 1610 Universe?! Who Are Current Illuminati & Cabal?

Secret Wars #1, Marvel Comics’ big 2015 event, officially hits stands today. It seems to open with a recap of sorts from New/Avengers issues that lead into the event, but it most directly continues from Marvel Comics’ Free Comic Book Day 2015 (FCBD 2015) Secret Wars #0 (spoilers here). Marvel Comic will also have 55 tie-in Secret Wars books on shelves over the coming months.

Secret Wars #1 spoilers and review follow.

In case you’re new to the current Marvel multiverse, Secret Wars #1 opens with a dramatis personae. That includes a listing of the seemingly righteous Illumaniti at the top and seemingly nefarious Cabal at the bottom.

Secret Wars 1 review spoilers 2 Secret Wars #1 spoilers

Really enjoyed the Cabal arc on the Avengers animated series; didn’t realize a Cabal was in the comics. Am curious what role the Cabal will play vis-a-vis the Illuminati in Secret Wars.

In terms of the book, it appears of Marvel’s multiverse only the main 616 Marvel Earth / universe and its Utimate 1610 Marvel Earth / universe are the only two worlds’ left standing. Reed Richards and others 616 heroes are on a high-tech raft between both worlds… in the path of a collision course; a collision we know happens from Deadpool #1250 (spoilers here).

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Despite the efforts of our heroes, the worlds’ collide and presumably everyone dies…. until Secret Wars #2?! 🙂

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And now…. a moment of silence.

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Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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