Heading Into 2015 Secret Wars #2, Marvel Comics Confirms That Secret Wars #6, 7 & 8 May Be Delayed… On Purpose? Spoilers

Marvel Comics’ Secret Wars got off to a big start with Secret Wars #0 (spoilers here) on Free Comic Book Day 2015 (FCBD 2015) and last week’s Secret Wars #1 (spoilers here). [Marvel’s sparse preview for Secret Wars #2 is available here.]

Secret Wars #2 cover Alex Ross Secret Wars 
#3 cover Alex Ross Secret Wars #4 cover Alex Ross

Secret Wars #3 and #4 are set to ship in June 2015. And, in July 2015 only one issue of Secret Wars ships from the main mini-series: Secret Wars #5.

A fan asked Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso about this on Friday at CBR. The Marvel EIC’s response made it seems like the remaining issues, Secret Wars #6, #7 and #8 may not even ship monthly?

    [Marvel EIC Axel] Alonso: The pace won’t be slowing down, but given the sheer number of releases and the scope of the overall “Secret Wars” storyline, the main series will come out less frequently the deeper we get into the event.

I thought Secret Wars 2015 would ebd in September 2015 or October 2015. The “less frequently” comment could be an indication of a move to monthly for the core Secret Wars series mini-series or an indication that the series may skip a month and end in November 2015 after all the mini-series wrap-up? A few of the 55 tie-ins are 5 issue mini-series.

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