Lucha Underground Review/Results 5/06/15


Hello readers, I am Grainbelt Jones back to give you another review of the best Da** wrestling show on TV…………

Lets just dive right into the action, if you’ve been following along (which you should be) you already know each show starts off with recaps, If you need to know whats going on please refer to the bottom of the page and search for my past reviews!!!!!



If you judge by the last show and the beginning of this one, you would think the show is surrounded by Dario Cueto. Once again beginning the show in his office, his peace and quiet is crashed by Johnny Mundo along with Alberto El Praton. They are both arguing over who should get a title shot against Prince puma. Mundo feels he should have a shot, yet Alberto feels Mundo wasted his shot and failed to win the belt, the thing they both agree on is Hernandez hans’t earned the shot given to him by Cueto. To remedy the situation, Dario Cueto makes a match between Mundo and Alberto, the winner will take on Hernandez for the number 1 contendership. Both Mundo and Alberto face each other clenching fists, ready to show who is the bigger star and the true face of Lucha Underground.

We then head to the temple, greeted by a new band, followed by the best commentators on Television right now, Matt Striker and Vampiro. They also hype that the crew is ready for revenge against the trios champions, Ivelisse is injured so she will not be in compitiion tonight, so it seems only two members of each team will face off.

Match 1 = Havok and Angelico VS Mr. Cisco and Cortez Castro

The match starts off with chants for Son of Havok, then the crowd follows up with Ivelisse chants. Havok is starting off with Cortez Castro seeming to get the upper hand early. He pulls Castro to his corner and we see the first signs of problems right away as Angelico reluctantly tags in. As Ivelisse barks orders sitting in the crowd Angelico takes control and again tags in Havok. Castro turns the ties by putting up his knees blocking Havok’s moonsault attempt. This is a really fast paced match and the faces take control again right away after Havok re tags in Angelico. Angelico hits some nice moves including a double foot stomp on Castro. After taking some offense Castro hits Angelico hard with a nice chop to the chest, Havok in his team’s corner comes out of no where and hits a sick springboard moonsault on Beal the extra member of the crew on the outside area. He kinda over rotated and landed super hard on the bench seating in the crowd, it looked super nasty but hopefully he isn’t hurt! Following Havok’s Dive, Angelico decides to hit one of his own, and runs diving over the top rope taking out the remaining 2 members of The Crew. As the crowd chants Son of Havok, Havok throws in Cortez Castro and Angelico hits him with a nice kick. Mr. Sisco hits a blind tag and they take control over Angelico, forcing Havok to tag himself in seeing how Angelico is taken out by the double team. Angelico is back to over selling and flopping again but we will let it go. Havok then comes in and is forced to stop Beal from interfering, in turn he spins around taking a thumb to eye and gets dropped with a 3D into a Code breaker getting pinned for the 1..2..3.

Winners = Mr. Cisco and Cortez Castro accompanied by Beal

First I would like to say, this was not the best match of anyone involved, it was not terrible but I found it a little out of sync. I still was entertained seeing Havok and Angelico really trying to push the dysfunction of the team, as well as Ivelisse yelling and screaming from the side lines, but I felt they could have worked this a tad bit better. I also feel from a booking stand point they dropped the ball, if they were gonna have Beal interfere anyway they should have made this a 3 on 2 handicap match, however I see what they were going for here with wanting to make the loss seem like it was due to disfunction.

Following some adds we return to (The Dario Cueto Show), I mean Lucha Underground. We happen to be inside, yes Dario’s Office. He is sipping some booze and talking with Daivari who they haven’t introduced yet. Cueto is irritated because he is trying to chat with Daivair who is more interested in his phone. Finally striking a nerve Cueto tells Daivari his family is rich and he has no need to be here risking his body. Daivari response with saying he likes to inflict violence on others, Cueto response back by putting him in a match with Texano.

Next we are in the back Locker room as Hernandez gets confronted by Puma and Konann. Konann tells Hernandez what he tried to do to Puma wasn’t cool. Hernandez Denies the accusations of trying to cost Puma the title, just as (the star of the show) Dario Cueto comes into frame. He tells Hernandez that he is not the number one contender until he beats the winner of Mundo and Alberto match. He then puts Hernandez and Puma in a match against King Cuerno and Cage. He teases both them by saying hopefully they can work together tonight.

Now Melissa is in the ring to Introduces DAIVARI, finally! Next out comes Texano.

Match 2 = DAIVARI VS Texano

This turned out to be the segment of the night in my opinion. I loved this so freaking much, not just because I am a Daivair mark, but because of the classic booking at play here. Acting cocky during and after his announcement, Daivari waits for Texano to come out for their match. During Texano’s announcement he bolts out causing Melissa to say oooh shytttt and practically dives out of the way as Texano storms in the ring. Attacking Daivari, he takes him straight to the corner stomping the crap out of the guy, the referee desperately tries to break the two up and ends up taking a decent bump off a stiff push from Texano. The bells rings for a disqualification and the two continue to brawl back and forth inside the squared circle. Finally Daivari in the clutch picks up the mic and hits Texano square in the head and bolts out of the temple. Texano stares after him, and you know this is only the beginning.

Winner= Disqualification

Wow to think you can actually properly build hype for a future match without giving the match away. Great old school tactic to add some fuel to this introduction to what could hopefully be a solid fued. I seriously want to see this match and I hope they continue to hype it with well placed segments and tag matches before the inedible one on one confrontation. The fact these guys sold they wanted to hurt each other so bad, that the match didn’t even matter is a breath of fresh air as far as kayfabe goes. Hopefully this grows into an intense pay off, hell even a gimmick match of some kind might be the best way for this to go down with such a nice build.

Now standing in the ring is Cage and Cuerno, after their introduction we are introduced to the Lucha Underground Champion and his Partner Hernandez.

Match 3 = Cage and Cuerno VS Puma and Hernandez

The match starts off with Cage VS Hernanez, the big guys lock up and both try and show their power. They each try and move the mountain that is the other man, and attempt to knock each other off their feet. Hernandez wins the power bought and knocks Cage down first then cockily tags in PUma. Next Puma ends up using his speed, which in turn causes Cage to tag in Cuerno. Now we got the high flyer VS the tactical hunter. They pull of a nice exchange until Cuerno tactically tags in Cage opening up the opportunity for a double team. They end up dropping Puma with a a nicely timed drop kick to Pumas legs setting him up for Cage to hit him with a big man 619ish move. Finally after taking some pressure Puma comes back and begins violently kicking each of his opponents and then hitting his patented spinning sit out sky high on Cuerno. He tags in Hernandez who eventually clears the ring setting up for his Superman dive, landing on both Cage and Cuerno on the outside! Next Puma tries to get in a dive of his own but is cut off by Hernandez who struts in front of him, after this disfunction, Hernandez then sends Cuerno in the ring and attempts the cover. After Cuerno kicks out, the story ends up being Hernandez is wrestling the match for himself, deciding when and when not to properly double team with Puma, he also cuts off a few chances for Puma to get in offense, to make room for attacks of his own. Finally after selling a while, Cuerno tags in Cage who takes out Hernandez knocking him from the apron then turns his focus to Puma. Next its a cool sequence of signature strikes, drop kicks, and lariats allowing Cage to stand tall after each wrestling hits their high impact spot. After setting it up Cuerno goes for his arrow dive on both Hernandez and Puma, but Hernandez pulls Puma into the dive as he moves out of the way. Now we see Hernandez attacking Puma as Cage is getting into Konann’s face. Finally fully turning heel Hernandez sets up Puma for the border toss and then hits it as he sends Puma crashing onto the ring apron edge. Hernandez then leaves allowing Cage and Cuerno to pick up the scraps, Cage drops the champion with the Weapon X pinning the Lucha Underground champ 1…2…3

Winners = Cage and King Cuerno Via Pinfall.

Now we get a segment with black lotus as she is training. She tries again at taking down her teacher because she can’t leave until she does. She again tries to go toe to tow with her master as training continues. There isn’t a clear cut winner, so I think she still has just a little more time to prepare before she is ready.

Now we get the huge arrival from Alberto El Parton, He comes out to a huge ovation and the crowd is marking out huge. I was shocked he came out first being the AAA champion, however commentary puts over this match in not about that title. Next out comes Johhny Mundo to a lesser pop, however the fans chant Lucha in response.

Match 4 = Alberto El Parton VS Johnny Mundo


“Lets dive in” Striker calls as we begin this match. Nice technique from both as we get it going working a slower pace for a nice build. Alberto seems to start rifling out offense first as he hits his patented kicks and a nice drop kick to the back of the head. Mundo eventually takes advantage of his speed and gets a kick counter on Alberto. It doesn’t last long before Alberto slows it back down keeping his opponent grounded. Commentary has a gold of and interaction when Vampiro asks Striker if he can be honest. Striker replies with ” be honest in wrestling? NO”. Perfect example of why I hope these guys stay together next season. Vampiro then puts over how he is becoming a fan of Alberto (I keep typing Del Rio) for wrestling a dirty style. He doesn’t like it but he respects his tenacity for wearing down his opponent. Mundo finally starts to come back after Alberto goes for a moonsult. He doesn’t pancake on the mat but lands on his feet rolling through, then bounces up taking a clothesline and bumping to the matt. Finally Mundo yells that this is his world then drops Alberto with a spring board side kick. After a failed pin attempt form Mundo he transitions into a headlock trying to keep the AAA champion down. Finally Albert pushes out of the hold Irish whipping Mundo, Mundo then reverses sending Alberto into the corner. Mundo tries to follow up with a splash or some kind on Alberto but is propelled over the ropes landing awkwardly on the steps breaking one of them. Commentary puts this over as Alberto hits a running dive onto Mundo forcing his body into the steel barricade. As the fans chant this is Awesome both wrestlers finally roll in the ring after laying on the outside selling. utilizing the intensity they slowly rise to their feet and begin trading blows back and forth. Both continue to work as faces drawing in the crowd, and going for the big moves. Striker compares this match to a fight between Iron Man and Captain America, it was a little much but he apologized, saying forgive him, he had just seen the movie. After he said that he won me back over on the call, since I too have recently seen Age Of Ultron. We then continue with Mundo getting the upper hand by hitting a nice dive on Alberto outside of the ring. All it takes is an ill advised attempt for a high impact move by Mundo to get Alberto back in this match. He actually takes off his shirt and starts setting up the crowd for his arm bar. After dodging the arm bar Mundo uses his speed and hits Alberto with a big knee, this sets up Mundo taking the opportunity as he goes for and hits the end of the world finish on Alberto. Wisely Alberto rolls too close to ropes and grabs them breaking the 3 count. Now Mundo is in shock as the ref tells him he had to break the hold, taking advantage of Mundo’s surprise Alberto slaps on the arm bar almost making Mundo tap. Getting to the ropes Mundo also breaks Alberto’s finisher and we continue going back and forth as both stars attempt big spots. Finally continuity comes into play, as Mundo’s injuries to his knee and shoulder slow him down enough to allow Alberto to hit a HUGE kick knocking Mundo out. Mundo eats the stiff shot and sells it perfectly, he takes the pin for the 3 count allowing Alberto to victorious in the match.

Winner = Alberto Via Pinfall

In the Final Segment of the show we see Catrina for the first time in a while, she is talking about how sometimes death is an end needed to start a new beginning. We then see her seemingly resurrecting Mil Muertes who hasn’t been seen since his casket match loss to Fenix. The guy is shown waking up in his casket with some new white out contacts, all the while Catrina holds the stone over his body. The show ends with her saying a 1000 deaths is coming for all.

This show was again a real treat as all ways. Again the theme of good booking shines as we get a solid show. To put a damper on things a bit, I will say that Mil Muertes is kind of coming off a bit too Undertaker like now. Honestly I never made this correlation before, because I just loved his character so much, but as soon as I saw this segment it was the first thing in my head, and now I can’t un make the connection. I also think the low point was the first match but we will give them the benefit of the doubt since Ivelisse is injured, and they probably needed to come up with something on the fly. I look forward to Texano and Daivair as that is the best set up feud of the show right now and I also foresee that getting way deeper. Like I stated above I would like to see that end in some sort of Gimmick match. I also think it works because they are selling Daivari as some rich, blood thirty, spoiled brat who just wants to hurt people. With his character being sold in a such a fashion screw a “wrestling match”, this should be a street fight of some sorts in my humble opinion. As far as Hernandez and Puma, we saw this a mile away, I find myself looking forward to the Hernandez and Alberto match because that is going to be super interesting. I don’t think it has been seen before on Television and I am so hype for it to happen. I also want to give them a kudos for not over exposing Cage and Hernandez facing each other in their tag match, I still feel we will see a program with those 2 down the road.

Well guys and gals I hope you enjoyed the show, and I’ll see you next week as always tell me what you thought of the show…

– Grainbelt Jones