Forever Hero: WWE Payback 2015, and Faces Rising + Top Heels That Fans Don’t Understand. Spring 2015 Edition

Oh yeah Payback is coming. Hopefully we’ll finally see Lance Storm get some payback for when Edge and Christian pantsed him in 2001? Yeah I don’t think that’ll happen, but if we twitter it enough then WWE will make it so.

Bray has to contend with Ryback. I don’t have any idea who would win this? I assumed Ryback would win, with a Bo Dallas run-in, and a face turn for Bray. Nothing says child friendly like a bearded meth addicted cult leader.

Poor Rusev has to say, “I Quit”, on Sunday. This match isn’t about who wins, it’s about Lana. Vince has been feeling up Lana recently…er… I mean Vince has a good feeling about Lana going solo. Look for Cena to go through the motions.

The Main Event is Seth against Orton, Reigns, and Ambrose. I’m positive Seth will win. Ambrose doesn’t need the belt, Orton and Reigns shouldn’t have it. If there’s any hijinks, I’d look for Kane to fuck up and give Seth the win.

Okay enough predictions because I’ll do that somewhere else on Pulse.

I wanted to comment on a few faces really quick.

I’m digging Cena’s turn to veteran. He’s willing to take on fan favorites, and NXT guys. He always wins, but I don’t hear the complaints that Cena is “burying” talent. Since Cena is a burying bury bure face. The marks still don’t know what burying means.

Ryback is another cool face. He’s like a cool fun version of Goldberg. I think he and Axelmania would be a great buddy tag team. Fred Flintstone, and Barney? I think his heel turn showed that he’s more than just a squash artist. Marks still boo him, but those are the same guys that used to show up at WWE events in an NWO shirts back in the 90’s.

Cesaro is finally a face, and I still don’t trust Tyson Kidd to stay squeaky clean. Eventually Cesaro will face a heel Tyson, and hopefully get a real push. I see him as a main eventer, but WWE needs to clear the field first.

Roman Reigns was always okay with me. I don’t believe in building a company around one champ, and guys like Riegns are the reason why. I can stand Riegns as champ, but I can’t get too excited over it.

My final thought is that I’d like to see Sandow and Fandango take on New Day. I have no idea why except that I like all these guys, and find them entertaining. Isn’t pro-wrestling about being entertained?

Heel of the Week is Kane. I know he’s playing more of a face, but I love that he keeps pulling back every time he’s about to turn face. It’s beautiful.

Top Heels That Fans Don’t Understand. Spring 2015 Edition.

5) Ascension

4) J&J Security

3) Adam Rose

2) Bo Dallas

1) New Day

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