Marvel Comics 2015 Secret Wars #2 Spoilers With A Multiversal Thors Corps & Not Much More Via Preview?

Marvel Comics’ 2015 Secret Wars is their big multiverse shattering event that promises a reboot of sorts in its wake. The main eight issues mini-series will have an erratic shipping schedule and will be accompanied by over 55 tie-in mini-series and one-shots.

Spoilers and teasers are being kept close to Marvel Comics’ vest, but the company did release a teaser art for Secret Wars #2 that ships this week.

Before we get you to Secret Wars #2, let’s get you caught up on the issues that lead into it:

  • Secret Wars #0 spoilers here.
  • Secret Wars #1 spoilers here.

Now, with that out of the way, here is Marvel Comics’ preview of Secret Wars #2.

Secret Wars #2 spoilers preview 1 Secret Wars #2 spoilers preview 2 Secret Wars #2 spoilers preview 3

Secret Wars #2 spoilers preview 4 Secret Wars #2 spoilers preview 5 Secret Wars #2 spoilers preview 6

Wow, so Marvel is giving out “exclusive” previews that consist only of covers for Secret Wars #2? Will Marvel do what they did last week and give out next to no preview to established comic book sites and give a big mainstream media like USA Today or Entertainment Weekly the real preview on the day of release?

Sad, but I am still eager to see what Secret Wars #2 has in store for Marvel’s assembled multiverse heroes and villains on battleworld!

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