Pull List Roundtable – 5/13/2015 – Secret Wars #2, Convergence Week 6, Injection #1, Unity #18 (Spoilers Free)

Alexander Lucard

Big week for me!

  • Convergence #6 (of 8). Man, Deimos as the big bad of a company-wide event. I never thought I’d see the day. I love it. However, I don’t love what happened to poor Travis Morgan and the other Warlord characters. Boo-urns.

  • Convergence Batman The Shadow of the Bat #2. Larry Hama writes not one but two Batmen. I’ve been enjoying this.

  • Convergence Justice League Intnl #2. Eh. It’s not really JLI. It’s not anything like the Geffen/JDM series that i loved as a kid. Sure it’s got Fire, Ice, Captain Atom and Beetle, but it doesn’t feel right. Getting it just to finish the story.

  • Convergence Suicide Squad #2. A fun Suicide Squad and a fun story.

  • Convergence Superboy #2. Fabian Nicenza is one of my favorite writers of all time. Happy 25th birthday New Warriors BTW. Young Superboy vs. Kingdom Come Superman. It’s just plain weird.

  • Convergence Supergirl Matrix #2 – It’s not Geffen’s best work. I can see why so many fans of the Matrix Supergirl are pissed at his portrayal of her and Lex Luthor II, as well as the things he gets royally wrong. Me? I’m just here for Ambush Bug.

  • Imperium #4 – I loves me some Toyo Harada. This has been a very interesting series. It’s not one of Valiant’s best, but I’m enjoying it for what it is.

  • Uncle Scrooge #2 – The first issue was a bit of a disappointment, but then I am an avid collector of all things Barks and Rosa and the IDW authors just couldn’t live up to that level of quality. Especially the art. Oh man, it was bad. Still, I am a huge supporter of Uncle Scrooge and will keep pulling this. They have nowhere to go but up, right?

  • UNITY (2013- ) #18 – Finally! The would be super angst mission of doomdrama gets revealed. About bloody time.

  • X-O Manowar (2012- ) #36. I expect a lot of death in this one.


James Fulton

  • Injection #1 – Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey were sublime together on Moon Knight, and this is an Image book, so there are no limits to what they can do. Very much looking forward to this one.
  • Thor #8 – I never expected to get too drawn into this book, but I really like the new female Thor, and am curious to see if Jason Aaron is going for the obvious choice in revealing her identity, or if a big swerve is coming our way. It’s too bad that this book is going on hiatus because of Secret Wars; I am very hopeful that Russell Dauterman will still be on the book when it comes back, because he’s a big part of the draw for me.
  • East of West #19 – I think the demands of coordinating a line-wide event at Marvel have been taxing for Jonathan Hickman, because all of his excellent Image titles are running behind, and that’s a shame, as I’d much rather read this title than…
  • Secret Wars #2 – The first issue was fine for what it was, but I imagine that it is this one that is going to really set up the rest of the event, as it will have to explain Battleworld and all the alternate reality nonsense (especially since we know they’ve all been wiped out).
  • Howard the Duck #3 – The first two issues were wonderful. This one has him fighting Aunt May or something. Can’t wait.


Paul Miranda

  • ARROW: SEASON 2.5 #8
  • CONVERGENCE #6 (of 8)
  • CONVERGENCE: BATMAN – SHADOW of the BAT #2 (of 2)
  • CONVERGENCE: SUPERMAN – the MAN of STEEL #2 (of 2)
  • HOWARD the DUCK #3
  • MAGNETO #18
  • MYTHIC #1
  • SECRET WARS #2 (of 8)
  • SILK #4
  • THOR #8

How much more can the ante be upped? What world-shaking event awaits our heroes? All worlds must work together to defeat Deimos.

Time to put Image back in my awareness. No one ever backs away from Warren Ellis’ works. Granted, they’re gory and ultra-violent but gripping! A hodgepodge of genres thrown together to make your head burst!! When will humans stop being so nihilistic?

Definitely not on my monthlies but the Master of Magnetism has always been a complex, riveting character. This is a tie-in to Marvel’s mega event, sub-labelled “Last Days”. How much longer will Erik be around?

The price is very nice! $1.99 for a full-sized issue. Not big on magic but definitely turned on by mythology, Plus, that logo is sick and the cover fires up the imagination.

I’m a huge fan of reprints, especially unpolished gems or rarely collected stories. To the public at large, who’s this? If you watched DARDEVIL on Netflix, she is the equivalent of Claire Temple. This character was born at the time of Women’s Lib and quickly shelved. Luckily, she was brought back to prominence in DAREDEVIL by Brian Michael Bendis. Three women share the mantle.

SECRET WARS #2 (of 8)
This issue is bigger than the last. Literally!! A whopping 56 pages all about Thors. That’s not a typo. Plural. Battleworld is revealed before the barrage of new series and minis begin!

The jig is up!! Time to remove that helmet and reveal…Oh! Wait. I can only speculate. The media had a field day with the announcement of a new welder last summer. Time to extend the hype!

John Babos

A small week this week; 5 titles!

  • Convergence #6 – We’re close to the finale in Convergence #8. Curious how this thing will wrap up.
  • Convergence Batman Shadow Of The Bat #2 – Azbats plus a sneak peek at Post-Convergence Deathstroke by Tony Daniel!
  • Convergence Suicide Squad #2 – Classic Suicide Squad goodness inspired by writer John Ostrander.
  • Secret Wars #2 – Marvel’s multiverse crisis continues.
  • Unity #18 – Valiant’s Justice League. Fun and adventurous stuff!

Mike Maillaro

  • Convergence Week 6 – I love that Deimos has basically become the big bad of Convergence. I was a little bummed out that he took out Warlord, Machiste, and Tara, but it was a good story, so that has to count for something. I thought last week’s tie in titles were weak for the most part, but there are still quite a few I am interested in this week. Shadow of the Bat, Green Arrow, Suicide Squad, Superboy, and Man of Steel. I am a huge fan of that era of mid 90’s DC comics, and these books really captured that spirit perfectly.
  • Secret Wars #2 – I really hated the first issue, but I do feel compelled to keep going with this because it seems key to understanding what the Marvel universe will look like moving forward. This issue will probably introduce Battleworld.
  • Magneto #18 – I think this is the first official Secret Wars crossover title. Magneto under Cullen Bunn has been an excellent series, and I hope that Secret Wars helps brings some attention to it.
  • Thor #8 – This issue is finally supposed to tell us who the new Thor is. Honestly, I love this book anyway, so even if they don’t, I am still excited for this issue.
  • G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes Agent Of Cobra #5 – With this issue, IDW is once more NOT publishing “new” GI Joe stories (their only GI Joe series at the moment, Real American Hero, is a continuation from the old Marvel series). Kind of a shame, as I really like a lot of what IDW has been able to do with these characters. That said, I like Real American Hero too.
  • Injection #1 – Ellis and Shalvey did the impossible and made me care about Moon Knight, so I am really looking forward to this series. The solicit sounded pretty crazy “Once upon a time, there were five crazy people, and they poisoned the 21st Century. Now they have to deal with the corrosion to try and save us all from a world becoming too weird to support human life. INJECTION is the new ongoing series created by the acclaimed creative team of Moon Knight. It is science fiction, tales of horror, strange crime fiction, techno-thriller, and ghost story all at the same time. A serialized sequence of graphic novels about how loud and strange the world is getting, about the wild future and the haunted past all crashing into the present day at once, and about five eccentric geniuses dealing with the paranormal and numinous as well as the growing weight of what they did to the planet with the Injection.”
  • Uncle Scrooge #2 – It is pretty lame that the first issue of IDW’s Uncle Scrooge series didn’t get a digital release. That is pretty much the only way I read comics, so as much as I am interested in IDW’s Disney books, there is a good chance I won’t be reading them. Seems like a huge mistake to release them that way, in my opinion.
  • Howard The Duck #3, Ms Marvel #15, Silk #4 – Probably strange to group these three books together, but they are some of my favorite Marvel books (along with Rocket Raccoon, Spider-Woman, and Ant-Man). I am really hoping Secret Wars doesn’t change these books all that dramatically. They are all VERY different from your normal superhero fare. I hope these books are the model for what Marvel will look like moving forward.
  • Uncanny Avengers #4 – I actually enjoy Reminder’s work, but this book has been a bit of a mess since it came back. Not sure why they even bothered to relaunch it with Secret Wars going at the same time. Hopefully, they will get it back on track.


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