Scott’s Mailbag of Doom 05.12.2015: Meeting Wrestlers, a Discussion of Starrcade, and Who’s Best at Carrying?

So WWE Network numbers must be plummeting, even with the second free month in a row, because the Elimination Chamber has been added as a SECOND show for May, this time as a “network exclusive special”, which puts it on par with Jerry Springer’s Too Hot For TV and Hulk Hogan’s Rock N Wrestling in terms of importance. I think it’s cool that they’re resurrecting the match again, but doing it two weeks after Payback when people already don’t care about that show? Seems like pretty suspect logic to me. Not to mention a rash of injuries (Daniel Bryan, Sami Zayn, Hideo Itami) doesn’t seem like the best timing to put on a dangerous match like the Chamber followed by the Money in the Bank ladder match a couple of weeks after that. But hey, Network numbers are down, so if everyone’s gotta break their necks in the name of a few more subscribers, so be it. Maybe I’m just cynical that way. I guess logically the way to go now would be a Chamber match for the Intercontinental title, what with Daniel Bryan having to forfeit yet another major title due to injury. This guy’s worse than Shawn Michaels in the 90s, AM I RIGHT? High five! Anyone? No? OK then, let’s hit the mailbag.


Reform the Nexus! Barrett is king. He needs subjects. Bryan is injury prone and needs protection too. Slater has no direction and you could dust off Otunga. It turns Bryan heel and plays up his injuries. It gives Barrett control over a faction, which was his strong suit in the original group and provides the potential to elevate him to main event status. Slater and Otunga are now a tag team with support. This group could go 6 months to a year before needing to break up.

Things I think about while giving my one-year-old a bottle.

Scott: Duly noted. But really, AGAIN with the Nexus? …

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