2015 Secret Wars #2 Spoilers & Review: Marvel Comics Is Forever Changed

Marvel Comics’ 2015 Secret Wars #2 hits stands today. It is the second issue of the company’s Crisis-like event that has destroyed all the worlds of Marvel’s multiverse. The surviving heroes and villains are on battleworld starting in this issue (covers below) of the main eight issue mini-series.

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The shipping schedule for the core 2015 Secret Wars event mini-series will be a bit erratic and will ship alongside over 55 tie-in mini-series and/or one-shots.

Just before we get into our spoilers and review of Secret Wars #2, below is what’s happened so far:

  • Secret Wars #0 spoilers here.
  • Secret Wars #1 spoilers here.

With you now caught up, here are our Secret Wars #2 spoilers and review.

It turns out the Thors Corps are the police of Battleworld serving an all-Powerful god… King Doctor Doom!

Secret Wars #2 Spoilers 1 Secret Wars #2 Spoilers 2

We also get the story of Battleworld’s creation or at least the creation myth.

Secret Wars #2 Spoilers 3 Secret Wars #2 Spoilers 4

We also get a sense of how powerful god-King Doom is as well as the worlds of Battleworld and where the threats to Doom’s rule conspire.

Secret Wars #2 Spoilers 6 Secret Wars #2 Spoilers 8

And, instead post all the pics of all the worlds, cities, sections of Battleworld, check out Secret Wars #2’s handy dandy complete map.

Secret Wars #2 Battleworld Map

King Doom (uh, or “Kingdom”, heh) is all-powerful with only Sue Storm able to shape god’s will.

Secret Wars #2 Spoilers 7 Secret Wars #2 Spoilers 9

As a side note, a cruel fate awaits what appears to the pre-locust form of the Ultimate Universe’s Galactus (looks like him per the costume).

Secret Wars #2 Spoilers 10

An arc or raft from pre-Battleworld collision between the Marvel 616 Universe Earth and Ultimate Universe Earth seems to have found with some major players set to shake-up King Doom’s Battleworld.

Secret Wars #2 Spoilers 12 Secret Wars #2 Spoilers 13 Secret Wars #2 Spoilers 14 Secret Wars #2 Spoilers 15

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