Convergence Divergence Spoilers: Aquaman #41 Sneak Peek: DC Comics Post-Convergence Aquaman Has New Look & Hunted By Mera & A Debuting Titan?

The post-Convergence DC Comics universe and core super-hero publications, starting in June 2015, get a whole mess of sneak peeks in May 2015 Convergence mini-series. These 8-page sneek peak teasers occupy the back-part of each Convergence two-shots.

Convergence #6 spoilers preview 3Helpful lists are below:

In this week’s Convergence: Suicide Squad #2, we get a sneak peek at Aquaman #41. We also got a look at Aquaman’s new costume in a variant cover for this week’s Convergence #6 (cover above).

In the back part of Convergence: Suicide Squad #2, we see Aquaman vs. Mera who is now Queen of Atlantis. However, we also see the return of a much beloved member of the Silver Age tied to Aquman lore; a former original Teen Titan!

This revelation follows last week’s revelation that White / Green Lantern Kyle Rayner isn’t really dead in Omega Men #1.

Divergence and Convergence Spoilers follow.

Garth aka Aqualad aka Tempest returns and is allied with Mera against Aquaman! With Tempest having made an on-panel debut, that means all the original Silver Age Teen Titans have made their post-Flashpoint DC Comics debuts.

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