WWE Monday Night Raw 05/11/2015 Live Report: Daniel Bryan, Show Length, Payback

Check out this live report from Raw!

– First off, the show definitely drags on and on in person. They lost the crowd right after Daniel Bryan relinquished the IC Title. However, the closing angle got them hot again, especially when Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds first on Rollins, then Reigns. They really wanted to see the RKO, so that popped them too. The advertised dark main event didn’t take place.

– Daniel Bryan relinquishing the IC Title didn’t exactly make the crowd happy. On a positive note, at least he’s taking care of himself.

– WWE sure likes to promote their network during breaks. Every single break contained something about WWE Network.

– I am kinda bothered by the fact we did not get a lot announced for Payback, at least in the building. We did get the Tag Title announcement, but that was basically it. I had to review Raw via DVR to see what else was added.

– WWE will be returning to Cincinnati on October 13 for Smackdown. The presale code is WWEPRECIN. Tickets were on sale in the building after the show as well and, yes, I did snag two.


Source: prowrestling.net