CB’s Slant: Who SHOULD Win WWE Money In The Bank 2015?

WWE Payback is this Sunday 5/17/15 and the Elimination Chamber WWE Network Special is Sunday 5/31/15, but come June it will be time to crown a new Money In The Bank Ladder Match winner who will become the new “future” of the WWE.

The question I pose is this:

Who SHOULD Win WWE Money In The Bank?

There are certainly a number of directions WWE can go with this, and one obvious baby face choice (assuming Seth Rollins retains the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Payback) would be the NXT upstart, the New Sensation, The Man That Gravity Forgot (But Nicknames Didn’t): NEVILLE.

I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Neville won MITB and continue where he left off with Seth Rollins a few weeks ago on Raw. With that said, Neville is not my pick to win the briefcase.

Some people might also lean in the direction of Sami Zayn, but an untimely shoulder injury might keep him from competing in such a dangerous match just so WWE can avoid another Daniel Bryan like situation (though Zayn will still be facing Kevin Owens at Takeover, so we’ll see how he holds up there).

Other obvious choices would be Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose, but I have a feeling they will both still be involved in the actual title picture at Money In The Bank as either part of a Shield Triple Threat or — perhaps more interesting — a reunited Shield heel faction that pops up at Payback.

Also, I hate to say it, but Dolph Ziggler won’t be winning another MITB contract.

So who do I think SHOULD win Money In The Bank? There are two choices that I think would work:

1. Bray Wyatt: If anyone needs a huge win in a big spot to really cement his status as a real contender on the main roster, it’s Bray Wyatt. The fun Wyatt could have haunting Rollins or any future champion would be a new twist for him, and he could actually invoke fear because he’d have something to back up his promos with. Wyatts vs. Shield has worked well in the past, and I’d love to see both stables reunited and fighting each other with high stakes such as the WWE title being on the line.

2. Brock Lesnar: This could either be a huge surprise or they can build up the idea that Lesnar will be at MITB to confront Seth Rollins. At the end of the night, Brock can take someone out and steal their spot in the match and just win the Briefcase handily. Lesnar can then say he’s cashing in at SummerSlam and that’s that.

So what do YOU think and WHO do you think should win MITB? Sound off in the Comments section below!

That’s all from me — CB.

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