Divulging Divergence: Week Two Sneak Peeks: Post-Convergence DC Comics Previews Are Superior To The First Week!

Welcome to week 2 of a 4-part series, Divulging Divergence! This time around, the offerings are evenly split: five new and five re-polished. I’ll honestly avow that they are all intriguing, captivating, or humorous!

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In honour of DC’s ‘clean look’ logo from 2005, I will rate these stories by stars. I’ve been extremely generous in my ratings this week but almost all the entries are enthralling with compelling tales and gorgeous art!!

DIVERGENCE - ACTION COMICS review spoilers 1 DIVERGENCE - ACTION COMICS review spoilers 2

Greg Pak & Aaron Kuder, Wil Quintana, Steve Wands

The multi-part “Truth” storyline is previewed here!! The Son of Krypton has been powered down big time. We see him on a snowmobile zipping across the Arctic Treeline in Alaska. Shadow demons block his path and overwhelm him. Luckily, Superman is not completely weak. He overcomes them and reaches his destination: the Fortress of Solitude. Not only will he seek shelter but answers to his predicament. In one of the most eye-popping, jaw-dropping moments, the Fortress turns against him. It doesn’t recognize its bio-scans, it retrieves his transmutable armor, and lastly his indestructible cape. Defenseless and disturbed, Kal-El cries out in anger. {10 stars}

DIVERGENCE - AQUAMAN review spoilers 1 DIVERGENCE - AQUAMAN review spoilers 2

Cullen Bunn, Trevor McCarthy, Guy Major, Tom Napolitano

Atlanteans are in hot pursuit of an amnesiac Arthur. Never mind that he is/was their monarch, they are ruthless and relentless. Much mayhem and murder is caused to reel back the big fish. Arthur’s trident has become an awesome artifact. Mera is the one true authority in Atlantis. She wants her former love back in one piece, preferably. Catch a glimpse of the new Aqualad :0 {9.8 stars}

DIVERGENCE - BAT-MITE review spoilers 1 DIVERGENCE - BAT-MITE review spoilers 2

Dan Jurgens, Corin Howell, Mike Atiyeh, Tom Napolitano

Who’s the one that moulded, inspired and guided Batman? If you thought it was Bruce Wayne, BBBUUUZZZZZZ!!! Wrong! It’s none other than Bat-Mite, the 5th-dimensional annoyance. His ego knows no limits. After he almost botched a takedown as well as a scolding from the Dark Knight, he decides that his talents are best suited to mentor other heroes of the DCU. Disaster with a mix of hilarity are coming your way!! {9.7 stars}

DIVERGENCE - BIZARRO review spoilers 1 DIVERGENCE - BIZARRO review spoilers 2 DIVERGENCE - BIZARRO review spoilers 3

DIVERGENCE: BIZARRO – “The Secret Origin of Bizarro” [8 pages]
Heath Corson, Gustavo Duarte, Pete Pantazis, Tom Napolitano

Left is right, up is down, like is hate, etc. etc. If you can’t handle backwards thinking, this book definitely ain’t for you!! Bizarre was so incompetent at disturbing the peace on his home planet, that he’s exiled [the reverse take of baby Superman being shipped off Krypton]. Coming to our blue and green world is a recipe rife with destruction. Someone has to teach him the ropes. That falls on Jimmy Olsen, Superman’s pal Bizarro’s guide. Best illustration ever — Bizarro America [Canada] depicted as the reverse ‘S’ shield along with the maple leaf resulting in a rainbow in front of a unicorn. My nationality is Canadian, so I’ll let that slide. {9.9 stars}

DIVERGENCE - DEATHSTROKE review spoilers 1 DIVERGENCE - DEATHSTROKE review spoilers 2

Tony S. Daniel & James Bonny, Peter Nguyen, Tomeu Morey, Rob Leigh

Slade Wilson may have been mystically rejuvenated but he’s less than full fighting form. A battle with the Teen Titans (just like old times) turns out to be a holographic simulation to evaluate his prowess. The Spanish Inquisitor of the covert group Dead Bastards has offered his assistance. Hephaestus cuts the conversation short. He has the ultimate proposition for the ultimate assassin: killing an Olympian god. I’m intrigued by the fact that Tony Daniel is co-writer and not the main artist of this preview. {9 stars}

DIVERGENCE - DR. FATE review spoilers 1 DIVERGENCE - DR. FATE review spoilers 2 DIVERGENCE - DR. FATE review spoilers 3

Paul Levitz, Sonny Liew, Nick J. Napolitano

Khalid “Kent” Nassour is a pre-Med student experiencing the typical American way of life: hitting the books, helping his immigrant family, and maintaining a relationship. After parting ways with his main squeeze, a walk through the rain makes him seek shelter. He enters a museum looking for a gift shop. A voice calls out to him. It is the statue of Bast with the Helmet of Nabu in her hands telling him that the tide is upon him. Noteworthy concept but warpy art. {3 stars}

DIVERGENCE - GOTHAM by MIDNIGHT review spoilers 1 DIVERGENCE - GOTHAM by MIDNIGHT review spoilers 2

Ray Fawkes, Juan Ferreyra, Saida Temofonte

Jim Corrigan is constantly struggling with keeping the Spectre in check. In fact, he thinks that he should call it quits with the Midnight Shift. That ain’t gonna happen anytime soon especially after the new Batman witnesses the release of several spirits. The Chappie Bat is so disturbed that he urges Corrigan to keep his squad and is able to convince him in the end. The Shift reconvence as Corrigan pulls out his badge and identifies him and his cohorts as the GCPD. {9 stars}

DIVERGENCE - GLC LOST ARMY review spoilers 1 DIVERGENCE - GLC LOST ARMY review spoilers 2

Cullen Bunn, Jesus Saiz, Dave Sharpe

John Stewart, Arisia, Kilowog, Two-Six, and Xrill-Vrek are extremely far from home. To make matters worse, there is no backup whatsoever, no tether to the central battery. After fending off an attack from crystalline entities, survival looks slim. Answers come in the most unexpected way — Krona, sworn enemy of the Guardians and the entire GLC is alive and well :0 {7.5 stars}

DIVERGENCE - JUSTICE LEAGUE 3001 review spoilers 1 DIVERGENCE - JUSTICE LEAGUE 3001 review spoilers 2

DIVERGENCE: JUSTICE LEAGUE 3001 – “Dinner & Duncing” [8 pages]
Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, Howard Porter, Hi-Fi, Rob Leigh

Date night for the JL. Super-heroes may perform the astounding feats but simple matters as these escape them. I actually laughed out loud throughout the story. Double date equals double the funniness. Clark (Superman, naturally) does anything but impress Ariel (Flash 2.0). Bruce (Batman) is somewhat aloof but blunt, much to Ariel Masters’ discontent. Diana (Wonder Woman) literally crashes the dinner, outraged that Clark has taken her spectacles without permission. Guy Gardner now housed in a woman’s body had me guffawing. I cocked an eyebrow at the gender-swapping and hints of homosexuality when Guy points out that Diana is jealous not of Clark but of Teri. The lines were to die for!! {7.5 stars}

DIVERGENCE - LOBO review spoilers 1 DIVERGENCE - LOBO review spoilers 2

Cullen Bunn, Cliff Richards, Mike Atiyeh, Travis Lanham

If ever there were a more apt example of a moving target, Lobo is it. It’s nigh-impossible to bag and tag the Czarnian bounty hunter with a penchant for bloodshed. Does DC also have a decapitation fetish?!? I’m not the squeamish or prudish type, nor do I follow his monthly adventures, but DDDAAAMMMNNN!! After a tryst with some rich female alien, Lobo is about to collect his biggest prize yet: Sinestro! What a twist!!! Since Cullen Bunn is the writer of both characters and their respective titles, this smells of a crossover or at least an epic confrontation!
{8.5 stars}

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