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All of us have an array of reasons for why we choose to pick up and read certain comics. In some instances It’s the artwork or cover, like with last weeks choice, and other times it maybe the subject matter of the issue, or we could simply be a fan of the writer. Well with this weeks’ comic choice none of those reasons were taken into account, sometimes there are flukes and random aspects of your life that strike your attention and influence your choices, I picked up GraveYard Shift simply because…… I work.


Jay Faerber is a well published writer, yet lately he just wasn’t someone I’ve been actively following at the moment. Also with the subject matter of vampires being hmmm, how shall I put this? Dated maybe? I don’t know, I just feel Vampires represent the first decade of the 2000’s, something that has been over done and really under appreciated. The artwork didn’t suck me in per say, but the bold banner text of GraveYard Shift was very Polarizing for me considering my life style. This title was me in a sense, and that word bounced around my head as I flipped through the beginning pages, gathering my first judgements for what i was seeing. I actually started marveling at the dark tones and well drawn settings at first glance. I really connected with the scenery in this book, and the landscape came alive reminding me of my cold and rainy night strolls into work. I should be honest and say, I was still on the fence though, I found this at the end of my shopping experience and I had already built up a hefty basket, I also noticed if I gave in on number 1, I would need to buy 2 and 3 naturally, as they were only sitting 3 feet away on the shelf. Pondering I continued to stare at GraveYard Shift, if this wasn’t a blatant sign I should check it out? Then what is?I decided why not, it’s hard enough being on opposite schedules from everyone, maybe there’s something here I can Identify with??? Finally I snagged all three and headed to counter and paid, once I got home they found their way into my backpack for later reading,  and I ended up not thinking much of them for the rest of my “night”.

A few days later I find myself sitting in the deny’s next to my house, I had just worked a GraveYard Shift myself as hunger was kicking my tail. It was a tough night and I felt a nice hardy breakfast would fill the spot, sending me on the right course of inedible sleep. Reflecting on my night I took the first few refreshing gulps of orange juice thankful my shift was over, my reflections transitioned into a reminder, I literally have a comic in my bag that could possibly relate to how I feel at this moment. Shifting focus from my growling stomach I began reading….

We follow officer Liam, as he and his fellow cohorts from the Police department track a person of interest.  Seemingly knowing the location of the assailant’s hideout, they charge in busting down the door and infiltrating the apartment. Following the initial sweep, they seem to be alone, yet they have made a “grave”mistake, one of which doesn’t cause any internal collateral damage with in team, yet they are forced to use measures that cause them to leave without acquiring their target. After leaving empty handed, Liam and his team part ways ending their shift for that evening.


The next night Liam is enjoying a meal with the love of his life, when a knock at the door starts a S**T storm of events that catapults us into the main story…..

“…..Dear?” – Deny’s Waitress

“Oh huh?”  – Me

“Your foods’ getting cold dear..” Deny’s Waitress

“Oh thankyou…” – Me

After being startled and awkwardly reminded to eat, I finish my meal. Due to this engulfing story I powered through breakfast/dinner only to finish my reading, I ended up flying through the remaining issues I initially purchased. I became a big fan of how this comic is being paced and mapped out, once we are submerged into this storyline, we are in it, we are invested. This became my favorite part about reading these issues, the writer is able get the reader invested into the main characters. I care for what happens to Liam and his loved one Hope, as they navigate through the dilemma that has changed and shaped their very lives.  “Or lack there off.”….

Nightfall also plays a pivotal roll in this story’s development, since we can’t deal with Vampires without having night, It basically makes nightfall a character of its own. Our characters must operate in it, thrive in it, survive in it, if they “Hope” to stand a chance against changing their fate.

“We’re working the GraveYard Shift now, Love. Get used to it.” – Liam


Through out the issues we see Liam get in and out of sticky situations, using his wit as well as showing his true devotion to the his love ones around him. Liam is a strong written character with a clear drive to achieving his goal, he will stop at nothing to preserve what’s left of his life and ensure he has a future. Love is definitely a strong theme through out this arc, and I see this continuing through out the entire series in one way or another. Heck, Jay Faerber wrote us a message at the end of issue one, discussing how his idea to write a Vampire Love story dates back to 2006. when Vampires were less “played out”. It is very clear that love will be a driving force in this story as we move forward.

The action also kicks off right away( Hence “S**T storm” verbiage) and suspense adds new twists, turns and focus points for the main story. As we start making connections as to what is going on, other tid bits of knowledge are sprinkled into place to add depth to the story. For those who have continued your love for Vampiric story telling, I suggest you give this a try. I also feel those who wish to breath “life” back into their interest of Vampires I’d say try it out as well. I also would like to personally say, anyone who happens to work a nightshift will appreciate this comic, I have strongly connected with a lot of the themes this book has to offer and the writer really plays on how much different the world can feel during night time.

– Grainbelt Jones

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