Rasslin’ Roundtable: WWE Payback 2015 PPV Predictions & Preview

WWE will have the May PPV, Payback, on May 17, 2015.

Here are the Pulse Wrestling crews’ predictions for the event!

WWE World Heavyweight Title
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose

CB: It’s still way too early for a title change, plus this could be the day The Shield reunite and stand behind Rollins as Champ while Seth leaves The Authority behind.
Winner: Seth Rollins

Darren Paltrowitz – Before Dean Ambrose was added to this match, I’d thought of it as a throwaway. However, the inclusion of all three members of The Shield makes this one interesting. I suspect a teased Shield reunion within the match, which leads to a screwy finish, which leads to Rollins’ next feud until Brock is back.
Winner: Seth Rollins

David Spain: Not really much doubt how this is going to end. Seth’s not done with the title by a long way; Roman still needs some seasoning; just…no to Randy Orton right now, and Ambrose would benefit from some more time in the main event. All factors point to a Rollins win.
Winner: Seth Rollins

Brittney Soban
Winner: Rollins

Pat Metalhead : On the plus side, this match should, at least provide some entertainment. But it’s also oh so predictable. It’s doubtful anything will change in the title picture before Lesnar comes back (sigh), so all we see right now is actually lots of stalling. It’s not even they did THAT bad a job of building this one up, but, you know, predictable. I’m still going with Ambrose as my pick though, because I resent the fact they (probably) just put him in this position to take the pin so they can all others (from what is anyone’s guess but anyway).
Winner : Ambrose because fuck you WWE !

Widro – Every World Title match for Seth Rollins until Brock Lesnar returns, presumably at Summerslam, seems like a foregone conclusion to me. It seems impossible that Roman or Dean would get their big first World title in a throwaway four-way, and it seems extra unlikely that Randy Orton will become champ again right now.
Winner: Rollins

WWE US Title Match
I Quit Match

John Cena (c) vs. Rusev

CB: Lana turns face by throwing in the towel to cost Rusev.
Winner: John Cena

Darren Paltrowitz – This is the fourth consecutive pay-per-view match between these two. I expect John Cena to win via “accidental” Lana interference. In turn, the long-anticipated Lana face-turn.
Winner: John Cena

David Spain: I don’t think the words to describe how the unlikelihood of Cena saying the words ‘I Quit’ to Rusev exist in the English language. I’m making do with ‘smoodly-boo’, but I’m still not quite happy with it. Hopefully this is the final nail in the coffin of this Wyatt/Cena replay, without leaving Rusev in the same sorry state.
Winner: John Cena

Brittney Soban
Winner: Cena

Pat Metalhead : Ok , as far as this feud is concerned… I QUIT !!! There. Happy now ?
Winner : Cena because… Oh who cares at this point ?

Widro – The finish of the match seems telegraphed for Lana to throw in the towel or say “I Quit” on Rusev’s behalf. I think splitting them up seems like a bad idea but we shall see.
Winner: Cena

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

CB: Fella!!!
Winner: Sheamus

Darren Paltrowitz – I anticipate the reverse results of the last pay-per-view, where Sheamus gets the victory and Ziggler somehow gets his kiss after the match.
Winner: Sheamus

David Spain: Ziggler may have got the win last time, but Sheamus finished the event standing tall in a number of ways. I’m saying that Ziggler will get a more definitive win this time and make up for a bad night at Extreme Rules.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Brittney Soban
Winner: Ziggler

Pat Metalhead : Also rather predictable, they obviously want this to continue for a couple more shows , Ziggler won the first, Sheamus will cheat to win this one, and they’ll have a Winner gets a Ticket for the Summerslam Mid-card at Elimination Chamber or MitB.
Winner : Sheamus because somebody has to.

Widro – It’s been strange to see Sheamus return as a bad-ass heel just to lose so many matches. Ziggler won at Extreme Rules, so now this match with even less stipulations will go the other way.
Winner: Sheamus

Neville vs. King Barrett

CB: Neville takes it.
Winner: Neville

Darren Paltrowitz – Neville’s “RAW” appearances since his main roster debut show that he can lose matches without seeming weak, which is not the case with Barrett.
Winner: King Barrett

David Spain: Neville is going to be one of the cornerstones of the WWE in a few years, and so far they’ve not done too bad a job with the guy. Barrett’s King now, and already owns a win over Neville. At one win apiece, there needs to be an end to this mini-feud, and I think that’s going to benefit the Man That Gravity Forgot.
Winner: Neville

Brittney Soban
Winner: Neville

Pat Metalhead : Win or loose, Barrett is going nowhere fast with his King gimmick, so logic would suggest the on-the-rise Neville takes this one. The again logic and WWE don’t really go well together. I still think Neville will go over, he has to have turned some heads with his performances and with Zayn and Bryan out of the picture he’s the only guy of this type they have that is actually over right now, as the crowds have been getting behind him. A match I will dread watching simply because I’m not sure WWE got all that.
Winner : Neville because he’s the man Booking MUST not forget.

Widro – For some reason WWE, which has almost no heels, continues to job out Barrett and Sheamus. Since Barrett just won the King of the Ring, over Neville, it seems like WWE will have their even steven give Neville the win back here.
Winner: Neville

2 out of 3 Falls
WWE Tag Team Titles

New Day (c) vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

CB: It’s a new day people!!
Winners: The New Day

Darren Paltrowitz – New Day are well on their way to being among the top heels in the company.
Winner: New Day

David Spain: I can’t believe that I am actually looking on the New Day favourably, but their in-ring work can’t be denied. Against Kidd and Cesaro, I’m expecting another bravura performance, with the annoyingly cheerful trio being able to cement their higher status in the tag team world with a second PPV win over the former champs.
Winners: The New Day

Brittney Soban
Winner: Kidd & Cesaro

Pat Metalhead : Cesaro has been on fire lately, which, knowing WWE might suggest another singles run, but I think that would be a mistake. The WWE Tag Team scene has been treated a little better lately and has actually generated some intrigue and fun. Cesaro and Kidd still have much mileage left in them so I can see them win back the titles and continue mixing it up with New Day, Lucha Dragons, PTP and others in the coming months. Also, New Day can handle the loss as the focus seems to be on developing their heel persona’s anyway.
Winner : Kidd/Cesaro

Widro – The New Day isn’t over organically as heels, they are an act that everyone hates and gets go-away heat. That said, seems too soon for a change back on the titles.
Winner: New Day

Ryback vs. Bray Wyatt

CB: Wyatt is desperate for a win, so I think he wins here. Also, perhaps the Wyatt Family reunites too.
Winner: Bray Wyatt

Darren Paltrowitz – Bray Wyatt needs a win badly.
Winner: Bray Wyatt

David Spain: Bleh, horribly torn. On the one hand, I really want Bray to regain some momentum and meaning after what really has been a rough year for the guy. On the other hand, WWE has demonstrated that they have run out of ideas for his character past his promos which, whilst haunting, are still being done to death. Plus, I love the idea of actually being shown a match where the physical specimen face just beats the hell out of the tubby, creepy heel. Just like it would happen in high school. Because I’m an asshole sometimes. Top of my head, I think Bray gets the win, so he can continue to languish at a slightly higher level.
Winner: Bray Wyatt

Brittney Soban
Winner: Wyatt

Pat Metalhead : So Wyatt became the face of fear after loosing to the Undertaker and Ryback needs to run away because he is… the Big Guy ? I don’t know, not sure what to think of Wyatt and anything involving him at this point, the booking of him has been so confusing. I’ll say Wyatt because he needs the win and Ryback can always demand a rematch.
Winner : Wyatt because he faces the fear of losing all momentum.

Widro – I think this match will see the reunited of the Wyatt Family, but as a schmozz DQ finish that doesn’t pin Ryback and likely gives him a DQ win
Winner: Ryback

Kicoff Match
Damien Man-dow & Axelmania vs. The Ascension

CB: Ugh.
Winners: ManDaxel

Darren Paltrowitz – I like the idea of this match, and am glad there is some intentional comedy on this billing. I’m also glad that creative have something for both Sandow and Axel — it’s weird how popular Sandow got organically, yet how they keep saddling him with comedy.
Winner: Damien Man-dow & Axelmania

David Spain: What happened? I mean, seriously, what the fuck happened? The Ascension, man: even I was excited for it, and I’m not a regular NXT viewer. But it’s come to this: months or ridiculing and losses have made them part of the pre-show against the flavour of the week team. And, damn it, they’re going to lose so that WWE can send the fans home happy. What the hell?
Winners: The Sandowman and Hulk Axel

Brittney Soban
Winner: The Ascension

Pat Metalhead : Yes, I know, the poor man mega-Powers are kinda fun but in the long run they don’t really serve any purpose. As limited as the Ascension are, the WWE Tag Team titles needs regular tandems and that’s Connor and Victor, not Macho-Mania.
Winner : The Ascension because the Mega-Powers explode.

Widro – It’s disappointing that WWE blew off the Miz feud in a throwaway fashion on Raw, and then moved Damien seemingly lower down the card. The Ascension have become self aware that their careers are over.
Winner: Mandow/Axel

The Bella Twins vs. Naomi and Tamina Snuka

CB: The new heels win.
Winners: Tamina and Naomi

Darren Paltrowitz – Hopefully this feud is just a time-killer until Paige is back and some NXT talent is called up. Hopefully. Seriously.
Winner: The Bella Twins

David Spain: I refuse to believe that you automatically become a good person because you get the hell beaten out of you by a bad person. But, hey, the Bellas are faces now, despite still being assholes. So I’m guessing they get the win, because God forbid we have intrigue or long story arcs in the Divas division. Watch SHIMMER!
Winners: The Bella Twins

Brittney Soban
Winner: Naomi & Tamina

Pat Metalhead : I really don’t mind the Diva Division, but if they are asking me to feel sympathy for poor, babyface Bella’s I might change my tune. Naomi has impressed me lately, a win would make sense for another title shot, this time with Tamina in her corner to counter Twin-Magic. Hell why not ?
Winner : Naomi and Tamina Snuka because they are better Heels/Faces/anything than the Bella’s.

Widro – With the NXT woman’s division, it’s almost impossible to take these tag matches seriously with the Bella Twins. I think the heels will win but it doesn’t really matter.
Winner: Naomi & Tamina

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