Lucha Underground Review/Results 5/13/15



Hello all,
Another week has passed, we are inching closer and closer to the season finale of Lucha Underground. There is a lot of cool stuff brewing so let’s get into the action……

The show begins again with Dario Cueto (Geez Really? HA), he gets a vignette talking with assumedly his caged brother. Cueto seems very proud of his accomplishments, he goes full Dragon Ball z here stating he has collected all 7 of the Accent gnostic tribe medallions. Once all of them are united, it will make a single warrior “as powerful as the gods themselves”, perhaps more powerful then his own brother. He taunts the caged prisoner by saying he maybe bringing a TV in for him, just so he can watch the mayhem unfold.

Honestly the show started off hilarious, not because of anything that happened per say, there was a blatant edit it the opening sequence with commentary.  Robert Trujillo was sitting in the audience, and it seems they might have forgotten to shout him out. It sounds like they overdubbed Vampiros voice giving him that shout out. The audio sounds like it was dubbed in and sped up to fit in my opinion. However maybe Vampiro really is that awkward on commentary at times, it just sounded really unnatural. Check it out and see if you catch it. Anyway commentary hypes the main event between Alberto El Parton and Hernandez. They also hype up a new star debuting, and in addition Dario has a unique announcement tonight. Looks like we have packed show….

Aerostar makes his way to the ring after his announcement. After he makes it to the temple we get introduced to Jack Evens, he comes out hand stand walking while acting like a show off straight out. The crowd starts chanting Lucha and he instantly starts acting heel trolling the audience.

I don’t like Evan’s swagger as commentary puts him over as a big deal, the fans seem to share my feelings and start chanting PERO. After taunting the crowd and saying he invented Lucha, they square up to start this match. Going for heel heat right away, Even’s ignores the tie up attempt by Aerostar and starts stomping and attacking the legs. After taking a bit of a beating Aerostar comes back and starts showing off for the crowd. Right away he hits Evans with a nice forearm while he is perched on the top ropes, this allows Aerostar to go to the next turnbuckle and began running across the ropes to hurricanrana Evans off the turnbuckle. This only gets a 2 count and Aerostar continues to work on his opponent. After some fancy flips by Evans, Aerostar catches him with a dive from inside the ring to outside on the floor. Once recovering from the dive Jack begins to hit some nice strikes as he taunts the crowd, he even uses his “hart dungeon training” by locking in submission holds. The story is Evans is being the cocky Douche, he continues to taunt Lucha and shows off at every chance possible. We do get a nice exchange in the outside of the ring when both wrestlers use the outside area at their disposal. Finally after a nice back and forth Jack Evans climbs up the barricade and does a sick front flipping splash onto Aerostar below. The crowd chants holy shit as both Lucha’s lay on the ground selling the high impact move. After returning to the ring both wresters find there way to a turnbuckle and begin fighting back and forth on the top rope. Finally Aerostar gets the upper hand by setting up and nailing a Canadian Destroyer off the top rope, crushing Jack and getting the pin for the 1….2….3.

Winner = Aerostar via Pinfall

Jack sold this perfectly, I thought for a second he was dead, his eyes just wide as he didn’t move, and when he was rolled over for the cover he didn’t flop and barely changed his expression. This looked freaking nasty. I really enjoyed this match, I think they pulled off some high spots to help Evans showcase his talent, also since he is not a person we are used to seeing, they put in the extra effort to make him look impressive. It was nice touch to this match, even though I don’t like Evans’s swagger thats the point he is the heel and I was getting worked!


Next we get an awesome video package with The Mac and big Ryck, Ryck is counting a wodd of money and keeping to himself. Mac opens the door questioning where he got the cash stating that they are family. Ryck responds by telling him, in this business there are no friends, you make as much money as fast as you can. He also blamed him for not getting the trios titles, after laying down more game on his cousin Mack, Ryck states for money, he would even whoop his own family. Ryck leaves.

We return to the temple, Dario Cuteo has instructed 7 luchador’s to the ring, there are already 5, Pentagon Jr is one of them, and he is the one Im most excited for. Next out comes Sexy Star, who makes eye contact with Jr, followed by the Mack, who comes out to a decent pop.

Now we have, Killshot, The mack, Sexy Star, Pentagon Jr, King Cuerno, Cage, and Fenix and they’re all standing in the ring

Out comes Dario Cueto from his office, he cuts a promo about how each person in the ring, has the opportunity to get a unique prize. Each of the 7 Luchas will be competing for 1 of the accent medallions. He puts this over as whoever wins this, will have the opportunity at immortality. The first Medallion is up for grabs as he calls for the bell..

Match 2 =  Killshot VS The mack VS Sexy Star VS Pentagon Jr VS King Cuerno VS Cage VS Fenix

I don’t know if this elimination rules or not but a assume its just a straight match. Striker calls this a 7 way Lucha and finally confirms its a 1 fall match.

All 7 Luchas stand in the ring as the match starts, The mack whips Cage and catches him with a slam causing him to roll out of the ring, just after Fenix and Jr simultaneously drop kick Cuerno and Mack out of the ring. Star and Killshot must have gotten taken out as well because now only Jr and Fenix remain in the ring. Fenix comes out striking first on Jr, after taking some shots he begins to show life and comes back. Fenix and Jr both get some big spots in, a big DDT by Jr, followed by a nice dive by Fenix. As Fenix celebrates his dive he gets kicked Square in the face by a returning Cuerno. After giving a nice kick Cuerno starts to tie up with Killshot. They go back and forth utilizing the ring showing technique mastery, finally Killshot breaks the chain by getting off a nice drop kick. During this we see a shot of Cage using the ring to choke The Mack. The funny thing is mack is facing the ring apron and Cage is behind him, the way the camera panned just in time, you get a weird glance at Cage ramming The Mack against the ring from behind, its totally GIF worthy in my opinion. After having his fun with the Mack, Cage finally enters the ring tagging with Cuerno, he even gets off his 619. Mack then comes out of no where getting in a stiff shot on Cage, after applying his receipt he takes a stiff shot from Cuerno, allowing Cage and Cuerno to re take control and tag. Now we have a slue of big shots from multiple wrestlers as things clear out. Pentagon Jr ” Lucha Underground’s most dangerous man” as Vampiro calls him, gets off a nice super kick, then they continue the sequence. Sexy Star has a nice sequence here as well, she begins to play cat and mouse with Cage and Cuerno, finally she caps off her spots by allowing Cage to propel her out of the ring diving onto Jr. Commentary puts that over as her hatred for Pentagon. Back in the Ring now we get some high impact moves to start  a massive pinning exchange. Every wrestler is hitting high impact slams and kick spots to go for pin attempts. Finally Jr breaks this up with a stiff shot tot he back of Killshot. We then See Jr basically pile drive Star yet his count is broken up by The mack. Now It’s Mack’s turn to shine as he gets off a few nice moves on Cage, until Jr returns to bring the pain, finally Fenix dives on him taming Jr down. The spot of the night comes when Fenix Dives at Cage but Cage catches him in his virticle suplex position, Killshot see this and Dives from inside the ring landing on Cage and Fenix, while Fenix is in the vertical suplex position. I marked so freaking hard for this move, first I loved the spot, secondly it made perfect sense, way back when Killshot first Debuted he took the same move from Cage and still to this day sold it the best. If I had to speculate I would say that spot was his idea in the back, it was just too freaking cool for those who notice the small things. After the Dust Settles Cuerno hits Killshot with his Arrow dive as most of the wrestlers are spread out onto the floor. Pentagon returns in the ring and gets into an exchange with Fenix and Sexy Star. Some how Jr sets up Fenix for the package pile driver as Sexystar lounges at him. Some how Jr sets her up in the widow’s Peak wile he still has Fenix set up and drops them both with a Package Pile driver. Finally after Saving Fenix from getting his arm broken, Star distracts Jr by taking a gut buster, allowing Fenix to Drop Pentagon with a Reverse hurricanrana getting the pin for the 1..2..3.

Winner = Fenix

Now in Dario Cueto’s office we see the Trio’s champions conversing with the boss. Cueto states that since they lost to the crew last week, they need to put the titles on the line. He tell them they will face the crew in a ladder match, of course they all flip out saying Ivelisse is injured. Cueto responds with saying he can strip them of the belts saving them from more injury, or they can defend the belts. They reluctantly accept the offer and leave in awesome comedy fashion. Ivelisse first pushes both them off for helping her up, but then needs them to help her leave by moving chairs out of the way. It was a good spot and it made me chuckle because it was really awkward..

Finally we get a promo with Catrina and Fenix, apparently all of this was the plan the entire time, and basically Cartina turns heel agin. Catrina states by beating and burying Muerto they used the power of Fenix’s 1000 lives so he can be reborn even stronger. (Muertes is apparently Super Sayin now). Catrina says that Fenix was a pawn and he will not escape death, the segment ends with Fenix hallucinating dead Luchas.

Match = 3 Hernandez VS Alberto El Patron

The entrances of both wrestlers take some time, I kind of like this because it gave the match some build. Finally after the crowd stops marking out for El Patron they get set for the competition.

I am hyped for this as Hernandez struts in the ring, finally the guys lock up and Del rio uses momentum and forces Hernandez into the corner first. Self conscious Hernandez shows his power forcing Del Rio into a corner showing raw strength. Hernandez gets the first heel heat by giving Del Rio the Kevin Nash treatment. He pulls up some nice cool heel strikes, and caps it off with the Kevin Nash knees. He then takes the fight outside the ring and rams Del Rio into the apron. Hernandez then tosses Del Rio ( I keep having to re type Patron so Im leaving it now) into the ring and begins to man handle him. Utilizing a come back Del Rio gets off his patented rally of clotheslines finishing it off with the back stabber. After the pin attempt Alberto calls the crowd for a super kick, Hernandez side steps the side kick and counters back with a nice Pounce shoulder tackle forcing Alberto off his feet. Hernandez is taking control using raw power, finally Alberto gets in the hope spot by doing his falling arm breaker and transitioning into the side thrust kick. This sets up Hernandez for the arm breaker, Alberto taunts the crowd, and out of no where here comes Johnny Mundo. Johnny Mundo knocks Alberto off his feet and drags him out of the ring. Turning heel here Mundo DDT’s Del Rio straight onto the outside floor, he then goes full Shawn Michaels and throws him through the Window of Dario Cueto’s office. Cueto played this perfectly with show and daze, finally after selling going through the Window Alberto is pulled back through the Window and tossed into the ring. Hernandez seemingly pissed at first realized the match is still going ( I don’t know how) and pins Alberto for the 1…2…3.

Winner = Hernandez Via Cheap Pin Fall

This was done almost perfectly, the only thing that could have made this better is if Cueto yelled out stating “do not stop this match”. It would have given Cueto more heat as well as Mundo. Other wise this should have clearly been a disqualification, but hey I am sure Cueto will have an explanation next week, however it would have been way better to clear that up here. I liked Mundo turning Heel because Honestly I forgot all about their rivalry, this took me completely by surprise. I think we were all so focused on seeing Hernandez and Alberto wrestle for the first time, also expecting either the clean win by Parton or a dirty win by Hernandez, we completely forgot about Mundo. I also like we got a little dose of what Hernandez can bring to the table in high profile singles matches. I think he did quite well considering the styles of both men, Hernandez bumped for him but also held strong with his character, hopefully they can play up that match again in a later time. I think they will because they did a good job of no over exposing this match so they can re pick up this feud down the line.


The show goes off the Air with Mundo glaring at the camera, while Hernadez taunts in the ring. Dario Cueto toasts his broken window while sipping a drink of booze, happy of the carnage in the temple. The crowd chants pero to Mundo as the show goes off the air.

Awesome ending to the show again this past week! I hope you guys are into the shows and continue to like what they are doing.

I hope I can do something really special for the beginning of the next season, I am typing up (and almost finished) a nice professional letter to good old folks at Lucha Underground. I am planning to take a trip to LA just to see the show and report on how it is live. If i can snag tickets, I am hoping maybe I can snag an interview with a wrestler or someone for the show. I will not be reporting spoilers but would rather just be there and report on the energy of being at a live show. I have met Hernandez and some of the talent before,but to catch up and do some onsite reporting would be really cool for the page. I am also cooking up some ideas on what to write about or do during Lucha’s off season. Hell I even got my studio up and running again and might try my hand at a shorter podcast. Anyways wish me luck guys and if I snag tickets to the show I will let you know ASAP.

Let me know what you thought of the show……

– Grainbelt Jones