Forever Heel: The State of Heels 2015 (Seth Rollins, Bo Dallas, NXT) PLUS Top 5 All Time Vince McMahon Ideas

There are a number of great heels in TNA, ROH, and Lucha Underground, and fans love booing them. When we get to WWE, fans all the sudden think heels are real. Here are a few comments I see on Fb.

“WWE is losing fans because Seth is a wuss.”

“Bo Dallas can’t get over, acting like a f^g.”

“New Day doesn’t deserve the belts because they won by cheating. It makes WWE look bad.”

These types of fans aren’t from some foreign country, they’re in America, and Canada. They believe that those that want to do business with WWE actually care, or know who holds the tag belts.

What’s worse is these fans have suggestions on how to fix WWE:

“Seth can’t have J&J Security at ringside because he’ll look like a pussy. WWE needs a champ fans can respect.”

“WWE needs to hurry up and put the title on Kevin Owens.”

“WWE needs to have Samoa Joe beat Seth for the belt…”, this particular fan had booked a whole scenario.

WWE fans are weird now. When TNA fans shout “You can’t wrestle!”, at Ethan Carter. Carter immediately answers, ” Yes I can.”, this goes back and forth for a few minutes. Fans are having fun, and Ethan Carter is having a fun himself. In WWE, Bo Dallas tells Ryback to leave the ring, or Bo will hurt him, and fans just stand there. Bo is being a classic heel, and WWE fans won’t boo Dallas because they’re smarks, and that God damn sissy isn’t over. Kurt Angle used to act like Bo, and it was pure gold. Now it’s shameful because WWE marks believe Bo Dallas is actually an evil delusional life coach.

It’s not all WWE smarks, WWE has also lost their ability to project heel psychology. I blame creative, because most of them are hired because they don’t have any connection to wrestling, I blame Steph because she listens to Hunter, and he never got heel psychology. I blame Vince for micromanaging everything. It’s not like Vince was ever good at booking, and being creative. He created Undertaker, and that’s about it.

See in modern WWE Bad News Barrett can’t give us bad news because fans liked it. Damien Sandow was turned into a comedy wrestler because we enjoyed ending our emails with, “You’re welcome”. I’m positive Cutis Axel is next because that Axelmania shit is hilarious.

WWE strips down heels into generic interchangeable heels when fans begin to warm up to them. They don’t turn them face, they turn them boring, and then it’s talent’s fault if the can’t get over with a t-shirt and plain black trunks.

NXT has great heels because of William Regal, not Hunter. We’ve seen Hunter with the book. He likes to do fueds with belt swaps, and makes sure the heel is a total badass that wins by cheating. He also loves big men, as much as Vince does. He will choose a good big man over a smaller worker. So we better hope Vince fixes his blindness, because if he leaves, WWE will get a lot more Sheamus, fella.

Top Vince Ideas

5) Vince wanted to make himself the father of Steph’s baby in a storyline.

4) What? You want to hear about more incest storylines? Well Paul Burchill, and Katie Burchill (Winter in TNA) were nearly booked to be incest siblings. They weren’t related in real life, but it’s still gross…or sexy, if you’re a deviant?

3) In 1996 Vince wanted to book Stone Cold Steve Austin as a Mr Freeze type of heel because he’s called “Stone Cold”. Austin had to explain the character to Vince with all these charts and graphs. At one point Austin spent four days writing a power point presentation…

2) Vince finds celebrity look alikes hilarious. I’m not sure why, but that is funny.

1) Vince booked the birth of the hand.

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