Pull List Roundtable – 5/20/2015 – Secret Wars, Convergence Week 7, Bloodshot Reborn #2, Donald Duck #1 (Spoilers Free)

John Babos

  • Bloodshot Reborn #2 – So glad that Valiant is committed to the character. The new take by Jeff Lemire is intriguing as is “Bloodsquirt”.

  • Convergence #7 – The penultimate issue of DC’s big 2015 event.

  • Convergence: Batman and the Outsiders #2 – Loved this team in the 1980’s when Batman left the JLA to create this team. Also intrigued by the sneak peek of the post-Convergence Batman Beyond #1 with it seems a future Dick Grayson replacing Terry McGinnis.

  • Convergence: Flash #2 – While I am a bigger fan of Wally West as Flash in Speed Force: Convergence, I`m primarily picking this up for the post-Convergence New Suicide Squad sneak peak. It`s a great book for this long-time SS fan.

  • Convergence: Hawkman #2 – Shadow War of Hawkman was a great era in Hawklore in the 1980`s. I`m excited to read this issue for that.

  • Convergence: Justice League America #2 – I was a fan and reading of the Justice League Detroit era around the time of DC`s Legends mini-series. Awesome to revisit this era again. Too bad Luke McDonnell isn`t on art.

  • Convergence: Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #2 – While I have a few issues from the 1970`s of Superboy and the LOSH, I`m not too attached to the era, but the Teen Titans sneak peek should be great. Loving the new TT take with Manchester Black running with the team and the new diverse Power Girl. Plus Tim Drake is my fave Robin so TT is a win-win for me; plus awesome art by Kenneth Rocafort.

  • Ninjak #3 – Loving the high-tech British ninja-super-spy and am curious how this leads into his “death” during Valiant’s summer event.

  • Ultimate End #1 – The only Secret Wars books I expect to read are the core SW mini-series and Squadron Sinister, but I may sample this book. Am curious how Marvel ties up the Ultimate U.

James Fulton

  • Resident Alien: The Sam Hain Mystery #1 – I love this very occasional title about an alien who is trapped on Earth, and has adopted the guise of a small-town doctor, who sometimes solves mysteries. It would be a ridiculous (yet very made-for-TV) concept were he not an alien, and that just adds more fun to the mix. Every mini-series up to now has been fantastic.

  • UFOlogy #2 – The first issue of this new Boom! series was very good, so I’m excited to see if it maintains the quality for the second issue. James Tynion IV is carving out his own little corner at Boom!, and that should be encouraged.

  • Trees #9 – I loved the first eight issues of Warren Ellis’s very smart and very sprawling science fiction series, and am very excited to see it return this week.

  • Pope Hats #4 and Optic Nerve #14 – I already have both of these books after having picked them up at TCAF, so I know what I’m talking about when I say that anyone who loves intelligent, thought-provoking, and beautiful comics needs to pick these up. They are both stunning. If you’ve never sampled work by Ethan Rilly or Adrian Tomine before, you owe it to yourself.

Mike Maillaro

  • Convergence – Only two weeks left of Convergence. Honestly, week 3 was probably my least favorite of the first issues, but there are still some I am really looking forward to. Batman and the Outsiders, Justice League America, New Teen Titans, Wonder Woman.

  • Secret Wars – Secret Wars is finally starting to pick up some steam. There are a lot of tie-ins coming in this week. My picks for the best ones are A-Force, Spider-Verse, Ultimate End, and Master of Kung Fu.

  • Vampirella #12– Dynamite’s Vampirella series has been terrific. Nancy Collins seems to have a great skill at telling these stories, and I can’t possibly recommend it more. Actually, it’s a great week to be a Vampirella fan. We also have Sword of Sorrow: Vampirella/Jennifer Blood and Legederry Vampirella (set in Dynamite’s steampunk world). I’ll be picking up all three!

  • Donald Duck #1 – I will admit, I have my issues with IDW’s Disney line so far. The first two Scrooge issues were not available digitally and they were basically just reprints of translated stories that already appeared overseas. BUT, they have still been entertaining, and I hope there will be room for growth, including some new stories. And start doing them digitally. That is just ridiculous in this day and age.

  • Bloodshot Reborn #2 – Loved the relaunch of Bloodshot. So much good stuff in that first issue, and I can’t wait to see where this series goes. Hopefully, Bloodshot will get his powers back soon, but even if he doesn’t, I am hooked for the long haul on this one.

  • Daredevil 15.1 – This issue seems like Waid is giving us a recap of Daredevil’s 50 year history. Waid’s work on Daredevil has been brilliant, and as much as I don’t usually like .1 issues, I am definitely looking forward to this one.

  • Mega Man #49 – A quick stand alone story before the World Unite crossover with Sonic gets going. Mega Man is a very underrated series, and if you were ever a fan of the video game, you really need to check it out.

  • Tithe #2 – The first issue of this series really grabbed me. I can’t stress enough, Image is putting out a lot of really unique books, and if you are the type who complains about Marvel and DC, you really need to support books like Tithe. It is the only way the comic industry will ever evolve.

Paul Miranda

  • A-FORCE #1
  • MASTER OF KUNG-FU #1 (of 4)
  • ULTIMATE END #1 (of 5)

    So many delectable choices. Luckily, I’m just READING these and not BUYING all of them. Aside from the heavily exposed A-FORCE #1, I’m intrigued by Shang Chi. Miles Morales is coming to the Marvel U, so brace yourselves. Lastly, the Ultimate U is officially being erased.

  • ARCHIE vs. PREDATOR #2 (of 4)
    There better be more bloodshed. Just sayin’!!

  • DAREDEVIL #15.1

    Why the quack not?!?

  • STAR WARS #5
    Marvel’s best-selling title. Surprising, but not really. The resurgence of this pop culture phenomenon now helmed by Disney/Marvel makes it a sure-fire hit.

  • WYTCHES #6

  • CONVERGENCE #7 (of 8)
  • CONVERGENCE: FLASH #2 (of 2)
  • The previous week’s smattering of titles was solid. Here’s hoping that the wrap-up for these books continues that trend. In the main series, things can only get more hectic as two sides clash!


Alexander Lucard

  • Archie Vs. Predator #2. It started off great and I have high expectations for the rest of this mini-series.

  • Bloodshot Reborn #2 – a very different and unexpected way to begin the new Bloodshot mini-series. I feel really bad for the guy and can’t wait to see where this goes. I’m going to be disappointed if this is a direct return to the status quo of the character though.

  • Covergence #7 – This event has been far better than I thought it would be. It’s certainly been better than most events in the past decade. My Warlord bias is probably showing.

  • Convergence: Justice League America #2 – I enjoyed the JLDetroit era as a single digit kid. Of course, every hero was equal in my eyes back then. Really Fabian has won my love with having Ralph and Sue be a major focus of the story so far.

  • Convergence: Swamp Thing #2. Len Wein did a fantastic job with the first issue and I love having him back writing the character.

  • Convergence: Wonder Woman #2. Wonder Woman is very hit or miss with me, but Larry Hama has been doing a fine job with the 70s version of the character.

  • Donald Duck #1. It’s not Barks or Rosa, but it is nice to see IDW is giving us localizations of Duck stories that are popular back in Europe. I do wish Disney would let IDW do digital versions of the comics. However, The stories haven’t been great and perhaps the way to go would be to get digital versions of the Fantagraphics collections instead. Either way, we need some proper Disney Ducks on Comixology.

  • Groo Friends and Foes #5. Groo + Grooella = must buy.

  • Ninjak#3. It’s been a weird series so far. Not exactly what I expected or wanted, but I’m sticking with it due to love of the character.