WWE Monday Night Raw 05.18.2015 Dark Match Results

The crowd seemed to be spent by the end of the night. Not a huge reaction for the closing segment. It would do wonders for the product if the show was reduced to two hours.

As soon as the show went off the air, John Cena’s music hit and he came out for the dark main event. His partner was Roman Reigns, who came down the ramp instead of through the crowd. They faced Seth Rollins (still in dress pants) and Rusev.

1. Roman Reigns and John Cena defeated Seth Rollins and Rusev in six minutes. Reigns, who was cheered loudly, hit Rusev with a Superman punch, which setup an AA from Cena. Reigns then speared Rollins and pinned him for the win, as Cena also hit an AA on Rusev to stop any chance of him breaking up the pin.


Source: prowrestling.net