Kevin Owens Talks Candidly About Signing with WWE, Sami Zayn, NXT

Kevin Owens was interviewed by Rolling Stone prior to his appearance on Raw. Here are the highlights…

On Signing With WWE
I was never promised anything but an opportunity to make my time here count. I got the tryouts, and when I was offered the contract, it wasn’t like, “Oh, we can’t wait to have you. Please sign with us.” They offered me a deal, and all the fanfare and the name I’d garnered by my independent work, it obviously helped me get the tryout, but they didn’t offer me anything with a promise attached that I would ever go to the main roster or be featured on NXT even. With that said, I think I’ve done pretty good so far.

On His Feud With Sami Zayn
I really think the story between us can be told at any point on any stage, but of course I’m looking forward to making moments and history with other people, whether on the main roster or at NXT. NXT is very special, and everybody who turns in for Unstoppable is gonna see that. Me and Sami bring the best out of each other, and we’re gonna do that again.

On Who He Gets To Work With In NXT
Actually, all the names I just mentioned, [and] I didn’t mention Terry Taylor, and I’d be remiss not to. He’s my main trainer, and he’s got an incredible mind that I was not aware of before. We’ll watch matches and peoples’ body of work, and his outlook on everything and the way to create emotion is fascinating. That’s been probably the part where I’ve grown the most: learning to get the most out of everything I do. And that’s definitely come from Terry. Communication is obviously very important in this industry, and Dusty Rhodes is the best at that, and I get to sit in with him every week and listen to his advice, so that’s been huge as well.

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