Capsule Reviews & Spoilers: DC Comics’ Batman #40 & Superman #40 Lead Into Game-Changing Issue #41’s

SUPERMAN #40 (SLIGHT SPOILERS) Superman_Vol_3_40Words, Art, and Cover by John Romita Jr.

This is a very good “stand alone” issue. The only prior knowledge you need is that Superman has a new power he’s unfamiliar with, but you can pick up on that quickly in the first few pages. Although, this new power has a side effect of Supes losing his other abilities for about 24 hours. So while the ability to basically be a nuclear bomb is helpful in some situations, being out of the game for awhile could hurt the team in a jam. I really like Romita’s take on a few characters, especially a “smiling, funny Batman”. Normally, we might see Bruce being very serious and intent on discovering Clark’s new ability (possibly abilities?) but he takes it in stride and learns what he’s capable of with everyone else by Superman’s side. With Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and The Flash nearby, this could easily have been an issue of Justice League as well. A new writer is starting next issue for the “Truth” arc, but I hope we can see Romita writing for DC again soon. I’d be interested in his take on other characters.



BATMAN #40 (Endgame Finale) Batman_Vol_2_40(SPOILERS AHEAD) Written by Scott Snyder, Art and Cover by Greg Capullo

Before I get into details, I’ll just state that overall I thought this was a very good end to a very intense and game-changing (pardon the slight-pun) fight for Batman. I mostly want to talk about the end, so, one more warning, SPOILERS START NOW:

So, Batman…died? It certainly seemed so! My main confusion lies in the fact that Bruce has been in Future’s End, chronologically after Endgame, and the whole point of the New52, as I understand it, was supposed to be complete continuity, especially with the big characters. So, there must be some “coming back” story soon. Though there could be an argument made that he made it out, especially with the reference to the “deus ex machina” mentioned in the first issue of the arc (Batman #35).

I thought the card in Batman’s eye was an interesting symmetry to the Batarang in Joker’s eye during his death scene in The Dark Knight Returns. Whether it was intentional or not, I don’t know, but just something I noticed. Overall, a good ending to a powerful and intense story.

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