JR Blog: TNA/Destination America train wreck, John Cena and Kevin Owens segment

Jim Ross had a new Memorial Day blog, here are some highlights

on TNA/Destination America
Still confounded about the debacle that is the TNA/Destination America train wreck and still awaiting something from the network that apparently isn’t renewing TNA come September. I hope that the promotion is keeping their talents and the talent’s families informed as to what is going on regarding this unfortunate matter. Leadership at the top in both organizations is crucial during these days as rumors and finger pointing seemingly is running rampant. Unfortunately, it seems as if TNA is at yet another crossroads and I’m hoping that they come out on the ‘other side’ better than they were when this matter exploded last week.

on John Cena and Kevin Owens
If there is another John Cena and Kevin Owens segment tonight on RAW, and obviously there has to be, Owens needs to retain his ‘heat’. He’s not ‘over’ yet and needs momentum going into the Elimination Chamber. Loved what I saw out of these two last week.

on Sunny/Porn
Contrary to what some have asked me on Twitter @JRsBBQ I have not been conversing with Sunny on Twitter about the possibility her doing porn. That ‘s a faux JR Twitter account she thought was me, apparently. We haven’t communicated since her WWE HOF induction and I find it none of my business if she does or does not decide to make a porn movie. It’s not against the law and people have to do what they can to earn a honest living. It’s an undesirable trait of many in the entertainment businesses that performers get themselves into a situation that they have to do things that they normally might not do to pay their bills after their ‘run’ has concluded. It takes me back to my ‘Plan B’ philosophy that so many talents rolled their eyes at when I used to preach that philosophy. Nonetheless, I wish Sunny the best no matter what her decision might be.

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