JR Blog: Vince McMahon “Cool”, Samoa Joe’s Contract, Cena/Owens, TNA “Silence Speaks Loudly”

Jim Ross had an interesting post-Raw blog, here are some of the key parts:

on Vince McMahon
Thought that it was cool that Vince McMahon addressed the live audience in the soon to be closing Nassau Coliseum Monday night. The arena is a big part of the history of WWE and a place that I always enjoyed working. Not sure that I wouldn’t hae had the Fink there to do something, too.

on Samoa Joe’s Contract
The wrestling media and many in the fan base fascination over Samoa Joe’s ‘contract’ is actually becoming humorous. Is it really that big a story? If the talent is happy and the company’s that are hiring him are happy then what’s the issue other than “I got’s to know?’ I’m ecstatic for @SamoaJoe and feel great things are ahead for him in WWE and if not then someone will have really fumbled in the red zone.

on Cena/Owens
Was hoping for more from Cena and Kevin Owens on RAW but did not get it so it left me wanting more which may have been the plan. Would WWE be so bold as to make Owens the U.S. Champion on Sunday at the Elimination Chamber? How many times will Owens kick out of a Cena finishing maneuver Sunday? Hopefully, those that matter will understand that it’s counterproductive and can only work once or twice a year.

on TNA “Silence Speaks Loudly”
TNA not addressing the rampant TV rumors of their relationship with Destination America is irresponsible. I’ve talked to many within the company who have no idea what their future holds and that’s not good business. Silence speaks volumes more often than not in the wrestling business when it comes to communicating with talent and of that I speak from extensive experience.

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