Cowboy James Storm Speaks Out On TNA/Destination America Situation, Billy Corgan


In an interview with the v2wrestling podcast, James Storm commented on the rumors that Destination America has cancelled Impact Wrestling. Here are highlights:

On the original idea for The Revolution
The whole startup with the Revolution was a different vision than what I had in mind. TNA came and asked me if I would help these guys out a little bit, and I didn’t mind at all. My vision of it at the beginning was I wanted it to be me, Gunner, Sam Shaw, Lance Hoyt and Crimson. You look at that group and those are some bad boys. But they had a different vision of it and they asked me what I thought of it. I make the best out of everything that I’m given and if I’m able to help some guys out along the way, that’s what I’ll do. So far I’ve felt like I’ve elevated some of these guys up.

On Billy Corgan in TNA
He was at the last TV tapings that we had. They already had the TVs written and everything right before he came in, so I don’t think he was able to change stuff around. I got to talk to him and I shot some ideas and he loved them. He gave me some of his ideas and I was just trying to make sense out of some of the things he was saying. I really didn’t know too much about him except he was the lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins, but talking to him and getting to know him, the guy knows a lot about wrestling. He looks at it like I do, from a fan’s standpoint. How will this translate over to the fans? Will they like this or will they not? Will they be like, this doesn’t make any sense at all? Because wrestling fans are not stupid – they don’t want to have their intelligence insulted by some crazy, ridiculous storyline.

On the rumors of TNA being canceled by Destination America
I’ve been told by the higher-ups that there’s nothing to worry about. TNA is owned by a billion dollar company, Panda Energy, so the money is going to be there. They talk about the network saying this and that. Every network wants great ratings, but the problem is that it takes time for the casual wrestling fans and the viewers to find Destination America. A lot of people don’t have that channel, or it’s a premium channel and they have to pay for it. My mom actually couldn’t find it until like a month ago. So it’s just taking people a little longer to find the Destination America channel. Nobody really knows except for the network and Dixie Carter, that’s how I look at it. Dixie cares about the wrestlers like they’re her own kids. If something’s going to go down, she’s going to have a meeting and talk about it with all of the guys, so that’s how I look at it.

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Source: v2wrestling podcast