Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Big Brother Canada 3 Backyard Finale Interview With Ashleigh Wood


Ashleigh Wood is more than just a pretty face.

After turning Zach on for most of the game, the unemployed Alberta native really turned her game on in second half of the season, winning three straight veto competitions, proving that she was the toughest houseguest to evict this season.

In last night’s season finale, Godfrey Mangwiza narrowly beat Ashleigh in the final HOH competition of the game and this ultimately led to Wood becoming the final member of the jury.

I caught up with Ashleigh, minutes after Sarah Hanlon was crowned as the winner and we discuss Godfrey’s decision to cut her instead of the show’s eventual winner. Ashleigh also reveals who she would have taken to the Final 2 (had she won the final competition of the season) and tells me which votes she thinks she would have had. I also ask Ashleigh to discuss Sarah’s game and whether she feels like the win was deserved considering it was Canada’s twist that circumvented Ashleigh’s nominations earlier in the season and allowed both Sarah and Brittnee to move forward in a week where one of them would almost certainly have been evicted otherwise. Ashleigh also gives me an update on the future of her relationship with Zach and offers the secret behind her success in winning all of the veto competitions that she did.

Check out the video above!

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