X-Men Review & Spoilers: DeadPool’s Secret, Secret Wars #1 By Cullen Bunn, Matteo Lolli, Ruth Redmond, Joe Sabino & Tony Harris


Published: May 20, 2015
Rating: Parental Advisory
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Interior Artist: Matteo Lolli
Cover Artist:Tony Harris
Colorist: Ruth Redmond

Hello Marvel/DeadPool fans,

Today we are going to Review DeadPool’s Secret, Secret Wars number #1.

Editor’s note:

You’re not seeing things. Our boy Grainbelt has a special relationship with the merc with a mouth. Deadpool prefers if Grainbelts calls him DeadPool! ūüėČ

With the reemergence of the Secrete Wars taking over Marvel, I couldn’t help but wonder how many different perspectives this story will be told through. We knew the Secret wars would be utilizing almost every Super Hero in the universe, and those who were prepared, planned on following more than one story line. With Secret Wars being a new take on the original adaption I have high hopes for how the story will be structured to fit for the current era and times. However I’ve always had a fondness for the original story line, bringing me back to the the time my father turned me onto the original series. It was that series that bridged the gap between each of our comic book knowledge and experiences. The love I have for the original Secret Wars is a good reason as to why I am intrigued with the thought of Marvel inserting DeadPool into the series.


DeadPool’s Secret, Secret Wars is actually about DeadPool’s involvement in the original Secret Wars story line. This aspect is a real treat for those who would like to see the original adaption told in a more humorous fashion. Deadpool is famously known for breaking that fourth wall and having full knowledge he is character being written for the reader’s enjoyment. This concept is extremely intriguing and it makes perfect sense for them to want to explore this with the original story line. Also taking the title into account, it makes sense that of course DeadPool’s ¬†perspective of what really happened during the original Wars would remain a Secret, and be hidden by the powers that be.

The story is Narrated by DeadPool himself bouncing back between present time and his recollections as to how things originally transpired. He starts straight from the beginning when all the heroes and Villains are transported to opposing constructs, and continues with the story straight away. We begin with our group of hero’s introductions, they also end up picking a leader of their operation. In original form we find out the reason why Magneto was transported with the Heroes and not the villains, causing deadpool to make his addition to the team known. DeadPool seems to be very adamant in showing he should belong with the other highly regarded Super Heroes, yet still showing tid bits of his true nature, a anti hero.¬† As everyone tries to make sense of all the Beyonder is proclaiming, DeadPool seems to be the only one taking it well and with great humor. He stays true to his “Merc with mouth” moniker by making wise cracks and hidden puns, making fun of all the heroes and situations around him.


The comics progression is well written and we get all the characteristics that make a deadpool comic so great. I liked the action and how they are able to pay homage so to speak to the original story line, yet telling DeadPool’s unique rendition of the original Wars. Once Captain America is chosen as the leader, we are seen how each character carries themselves during battle as well as how they are handling the Villains they face before them. Deadpool has an awesome interaction between The Absorbing Man allowing him to absorb some of his powers. He then wise cracks on how absorbing his powers caused him to turn extremely ugly. Once absorbing man is taken care of we transition into DeadPool facing Kang the Conqueror. It is not long before DeadPool humiliates Kang and takes him down, showing his true power and nature. Its great we follow Deadpool exclusively through out this issue, and even when we don’t directly deal with him we see what’s happening through his eyes and interpenetration making this an extremely entertaining read.


I personally would give this issue a 8/10. I love how Marvel is re telling the original Secret Wars and chose DeadPool as a way to do so. They nailed his character and he has some of the best dialog I have read in recent comics ¬†lately, and of course that alone is enough to continue with the series. The artwork is solid and even though there is nothing that really sets it apart from other works, it does have a nice clean feel to it making it fun and easy to read. The story line is just a real treat and being able to follow Wade Wilson as he plans to win the Secret Wars is a nice touch, and I foresee them having a lot of fun with this series giving all the DeadPool fans something to enjoy…..

-Grainbelt Jones

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