Divulging Divergence: Week Four Sneak Peeks: Post-Convergence DC Comics Previews Leave Me Wanting More!! I Need DC You… DC Now!

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Welcome to week 4 of a 4-part series, Divulging Divergence! Week 4 has me wanting more!!! This week focuses on three female leads, two resourceful males, two anti-heroes, one couple (ish), two teams, and a most radical social movement!!

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Bonus stories!! JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED. It’s not found in any of the CONVERGENCE side series but you can find a legit free edition online. Also, the three earth-shaking stories from DIVERGENCE FCBD are offered again, which you can easily find online.

Once again, I praise DC to high heaven!! They are not resting on their laurels! These stories enforce my desire to drop all my disposable income!!! DC You has campaign number two. It really is a wonderful time to be a reader of the eighty-year-old company!!

DC You

DC You - Starfire cover DC You - Section Eight
DCYou_CharacteraAds_part2_fnl.indd DC You - Black Canary

DC You - We Are Robin detailed DC You - Bat-Mite DC You - Cyborg detailed
DC You - June titles

Determining the streamlined DC’s salvos, I will rate these stories by points.

DIVERGENCE - BATGIRL review spoilers 1

Cameron Stewart & Brenden Fletcher, Babs Tarr, Steve Wands

DIVERGENCE - BATGIRL review spoilers 2 DIVERGENCE - BATGIRL review spoilers 3 DIVERGENCE - BATGIRL review spoilers 4

The super-smash sleeper hit turned best-selling phenomenon has excitement piled up in new installments!! Babs is trapped in a real-life video game. The brand-new Oracle (not her name yet) Frankie is on the other line providing a major assist. This is all courtesy of a duo named Co-Op. Batgirl does her memory magic in determining the pattern necessary to overstep deathtraps. Having the algorithms blend in with the Dolled Domino as a Super Mario-esque icon is pretty darn nifty. Since I just alluded to an extremely popular VG character, just like in the original incarnation, there is a damsel in distress. Her name is Dana Lamothe and she’s the CEO of Vectronix. She informs BG that Co-Op are her two ex-partners who wanted to take VGs to the next level by using actual people within. Dana tells BG that there are three other people trapped. Batgirl is so brilliant that she cracks a cheat code. She powers up with a holographic mallet. Before you know it, those two dreaded words no player ever wants to see (G.O.) appear and she knocks out the dweebs. The pair’s visors are a nod to Daft Punk’s current ‘spaceman’ look. I chuckled when one of them had “Uh-Oh!!” and the other had the appropriately worded “Crap!!” {10 points}

DIVERGENCE - BLACK CANARY review spoilers 1
DIVERGENCE - BLACK CANARY review spoilers 5

Brenden Fletcher, Annie Wu, Steve Wands

DIVERGENCE - BLACK CANARY review spoilers 2 DIVERGENCE - BLACK CANARY review spoilers 3 DIVERGENCE - BLACK CANARY review spoilers 4

The eponymous title has a double meaning: it’s Dinah’s code name and the appellation of her band. Her musical mates are totally unaware of her double life. Like any other talented but struggling musicians, they just want to earn enough dough to get another gig. Dinah and her bandies are running from a mob. The opening act Yggdrasally’s is pissed that they didn’t get their due since BC was a resounding success. They want their cut from Central City. Dinah begins to explain that her group is blameless due to an alien invasion, stops explaining and pulls out cash. Nope! This rival act is out for blood. A massive Rob Zombie look-alike with a giant makeshift shovel(?) also has a bone to pick with the blonde bombshell. His girlfriend Munnin’ broke up with him due to BC’s impactful song. Dinah pulls out her cell to reach the girl when WHAM!! All the way to a rooftop. The guy must be a metahuman since he takes a Hulk-sized leap. Dinah’s band is about to begin. Civility is out the window (rather, through it). Dinah unleashes the Canary Cry. The sudden crash startles the band and audience but Dinah assures everyone it’s part of the act. The concert begins. Not exactly identical triplets eye the poster advertising the group. They are delighted that they have found their quarry. The others gotta go. Uh-oh!! This is an innovative but completely logical take on the stalwart siren. Why wasn’t this done much sooner?? {9.5 points}


Ming Doyle & James Tynion IV, Riley Rossmo, Ivan Plascensia, Sal Cipriano


Rumour has it that John Constantine is a complete @$s#0L3 and douche. Let’s enforce that! It’s a cold-hard fact!! Stop me if you heard this one: a woman walks into a bar and…comes across Constantine, the Hellblazer! In a non-descript watering hole in NYC, John pushes his way into a young woman’s face. She is about to leave when he tells her that they haven’t even made each other’s acquaintance. The woman is a bit startled but relieved. She’s clutching a real shiny object. John wants her to treat him and is all ears. His charm seems to be working. He throws her off when he addresses her by name (Katie) but she doesn’t really catch on at first. She’s vague with the details but the readers witness a demonic ritual which grants her haute couture. John realizes she’s on the run. Katie doesn’t specify anything to him but he knows she’s erred big time. One thing in her favour is that she’s carrying a good luck charm – a guitar pick with the initials J.C. HHHMM, Jesus Christ?? Called it!! It serves as a protector. She made a pendant out of it. John snatches it from her. When he drops her name, it finally catches her attention. John spills the beans. He knows everything. Demons appear. Katie thinks he is there to help. He flat out tells her he lied. She’s a goner. John is about to exit when he notices an old poster for the group Mucous Membrane. It features a much younger version of him and a woman named Veronica Delacroix. He does the peace sign and gives props to his former self. John was a rock star?!? {7 points}

DIVERGENCE - CYBORG review spoilers 1

David F. Walker, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Adriano Lucas, Rob Leigh

DIVERGENCE - CYBORG review spoilers 2

After much bandying about and teasing, Victor Stone finally gets his own headlining series!! We return to our story already in progress. Vic and his fellow Leaguers Batman, Shazam, and Wonder Woman are surrounded by a new threat by the name of Tekbreakers. The leader demands Cyborg return stolen goods. Shazam is the first one down. Batman realizes they are outnumbered. Cyborg blasts the leader. Beneath the helmet is a teenage boy. Vic’s shock and awe is a deadly distraction. One of the creatures comes from behind and slices off his right arm. He sound-blasts his attacker. The leader gets up and cuts clean Vic’s left arm. Another assailant impales him. The Tekbreakers teleport away. Vic expresses not wanting to die as his parts experience complete mechanical meltdown. Less than a few seconds later, he begins to stabilize and regenerate. All the damage parts regrow. Vic is more aghast than his teammates. Sidenote — Cyborg said “Booyah!!TEEN TITANS GO! {9 points}

DIVERGENCE - EARTH 2 SOCIETY review spoilers 1
DIVERGENCE - EARTH 2 SOCIETY review spoilers 3

Daniel H. Wilson, Jorge Jimenez, John Rauch, Travis Lanham

DIVERGENCE - EARTH 2 SOCIETY review spoilers 2

The main characters from the previous series survived CONVERGENCE!! A brand new Earth was created but it’s already being threatened!! One year has passed. New Gotham is the pinnacle of hope. Or was. Huntress has turned on her teammates. She is revving up the Genesis Machine which will recreate this Earth according to her vision. She has Oliver Queen (in a Red Arrow costume) at her side. He gave his life to protect it since it was her father that had built it. Green Lantern pulls a Telos. He is now the embodiment of the Earth itself and kinda like Galactus but not really. He wants to take New Gotham off the map. Dick Grayson is the latest Batman and has a snazzy suit to go with that designation. Power Girl and Flash make up the rest of the group. Ollie is worried about the not-so-jolly jade giant fastly approaching the city. Huntress is just about to activate the machine. She has a trump card: a young incarnation of Dr. Impossible. He will take care of the Green Lantern. {5.5 points}

DIVERGENCE - FLASH review spoilers 1

Van Jensen, Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, Andrew Dalhouse, Pat Brosseau

DIVERGENCE - FLASH review spoilers 2 DIVERGENCE - FLASH review spoilers 3

An unseen observer is stalking Barry Flash. Correction: some vile voyeur. There are some interesting changes in the young forensic scientist’s life. For starters, Patty broke up with him. The result is that he’s now roomies with Hartley Rathaway who’s dating Barry’s boss Director David Singh!! It’s established that Hartley is a music producer and one-hit-wonder as a vigilante. Barry is extremely OCD with his work since he wants to ensure no one will ever be a victim like him. Capt. Darryl Frye, his adoptive father, looks after him in the precinct. The secret is revealed!! The veiled watcher knows that Barry is the Flash!! In order to take down the Scarlet Speedster, it’s not enough to target his loved ones. More meticulous planning has to be made. The creeper in question is Professor Zoom, reimagined for DC You!!! He has a Flash Revenge Squad as eager pupils: Dr. Destiny, Folded Man, Turbine and two unidentified women. Barry’s days are numbered :( {9 points}

DIVERGENCE - HARLEY QUINN review spoilers 1

DIVERGENCE: HARLEY QUINN – “The Gang of Harleys!” [8 pages]
Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti, Chad Hardin, Alex Sinclair, John J. Hill

The Maniacal Minx has decided to create her own Heroes for Hire, named after her of course. I love the ‘disclaimer’ made in the intro page: puns abound and we all know how everyone reacts to those. Let’s cut to the chase. All the new Harleys are variations of her name as well as their own.

• Carli Quinn (Carlita Alvarez)
• Hanuquinn (Hannah Borgman + Hanukkah)
• Harley Queen (Erica Zhang + Queens, NY)
• Harvey Quinn (Harvey McPhearson) [the only male member and beefcake/sex symbol] [Is he a sister?]
• Bolly Quinn (Shona Choudhury)
• The Quintuplets (Harley has no names for them). The five poo-poo on Boodikka, Bulleteer, Elasti-Girl, Goldstar, Lady Quark, Night Girl, Shrinking Violet, Silk Spectre, and Vixen. They consider those lame names. An extensive list!!
• Harlem Harley (Antonia Moore)
• Coach (Holly Hamden) (refuses to be called Handicapped Harley but HQ actually likes that moniker)

DIVERGENCE - HARLEY QUINN review spoilers 2

The gang head out on their first mission. Coach is a deliberate pastiche of Barbara Gordon’s former Oracle. Two motorcyclists are about to rob a sweet old lady. Coach saves the day by throwing a pipe through the wheels. They crash through the windshield of a car. A police officer arrives. Harley tells him that this little slice of justice is gratis since it’s the weekend but come Monday, the charges commence!! The husband-wife team are on fire with this humorous book. {9.5 points}


Jeff Parker, Travel Foreman, Jeromy Cox, Travis Lanham

Holy horde of heroes, Batman!! A ginormous gathering of guest-stars are crammed into this brief intro!! Lest I forget — Fie, formation of fiends!! The JLU has a new mission and new purpose: rescue Adam Strange from stasis and educate the entire DCU on the ‘cosmic convergence’. This means that pretty much everyone from every timeline came out unscathed. These two things are connected.

Recruitment drive overdrive!!
• Stargirl — Batgirl (refuses), Beast Boy (temporary doesn’t work for him), Zatanna (major Leaguer, duh!)
• Animal Man — Demon (dabbling is dangerous), Robotman (loyal to his crew), Swamp Thing (hardcore protector that might horrify humankind)
• Equinox(?) — Atom (Ray Palmer, in like Flynn!), Kid Flash (sticks to his team), Wonder Girl (E for enthusiasm)


• Alanna Strange — Bring out the bad guys!! Brainiac (intrigued by information), Gorilla Grodd (many hands lighten the load), Lex Luthor (gloryhound), Sinestro (irresistible offer), Vandal Savage (only the strong survive)
• All four???? — Blue Beetle (lost in thought), Deadman (tangible acceptance), Firestorm (expert at mixing it up), Mera (battle-born)

The very last page is an impressive arrangement of the denizens of DC You: 32 in total @_@
[back row] Apollo, Ice, Wonder Woman, Mercury, Mary Marvel, Shazam, Supergirl, Godiva, Lex Luthor, Guy Gardner, Orion; [middle row] Steel, Black Jack, Captain Atom, Starfire, Booster Gold, Fire, Black Lightning; [front row] OMAC, Blue Devil, Dove, Hawk, Deathstroke, Catwoman, Bizarro, Captain Carrot, Constantine, Poison Ivy, Phantom Stranger, Katana, Vixen.

There’s at least one major incongruity here: Black Jack!! He died in VOODOO #7. I’m not too sure about Mary Marvel appearing in costume. I have the entire Shazam! storyline from JUSTICE LEAGUE but all those issues are buried in one of my long boxes.

Holy zeta beams!! All in all there are 54 identifiable characters inserted into 8 pages, including the four core members and the immobile Adam Strange. ACK! Why couldn’t it just be 52?!? The concept sure is grandiose!! {7.5 points}

DIVERGENCE - SINESTRO review spoilers 1

Cullen Bunn, Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy, Jason Wright, Dave Sharpe

DIVERGENCE - SINESTRO review spoilers 2

Sinestro is no longer on a one-man mission. He has regained core Corps members. It’s bad enough having one Yellow Lantern but another six in the mix is downright frightful!! Kanjar Ro has overtaken New Korugar which is under the GLC’s protection. PPPFFFTTT. Yeah, right. The Makers of Will no longer are an organization. Enter: the Sinestro Corps! Detailed descriptions are given on Arkillo, Bekka, Dez Trevius, Lyssa Drak, Rigen Kale, and Soranik Natu. Sinestro is their leader but he’s keeping a close eye on all of them to determine the traitor in his midst since his recast home planet has become a target. Kanjar Ro is easily defeated. The Corps gather his weapons to take them to Warworld. Ro is enraged that Sinestro is stealing from him. Imagine the gall!! Sinestro replies that his corps came to enforce order and to help his fellow citizens. Kanjar asks for an opportunity to join the Corps. He claims to know how to use fear. No yellow ring appears. Sinestro rightly asks him if the Korugarians are actually quivering in their boots. Shut down!!! I stopped reading GREEN LANTERN and brother titles when the new teams came on board. Seeing Soranik change colours has left my mouth wide open :0 {8 points}


DIVERGENCE: SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN – “Truth” prologue, pt. 3 [8 pages]
Peter J. Tomasi, Paulo Siqueira, Hi-Fi, Rob Leigh


De-powered and desperate, Kal teleports to the Watchtower, HQ of the Justice League. He wants to grab a shuttle and fly into the sun. The security system doesn’t recognize his bio-signature until he IDs himself by voice. Someone had to be on guard duty and it is the Flash. The Scarlet Speedster is so distraught at Kal’s condition that he wants to teleport him back to terra firma refusing to hear Kal’s purpose. Before you know it, sucker punch!!! Kal commandeers one of the shuttles and away he goes. His dearheart Diana is in hot pursuit. She ‘ports within to rescue her companion. Kal drops a bombshell: he doesn’t love her anymore. This is the first appearance of Wonder Woman’s new costume!! Plus, love the art and the gut-wrenching reveal!! I might resume reading this series. {9 points}

DIVERGENCE - WE ARE ROBIN review spoilers 1
DIVERGENCE - WE ARE ROBIN review spoilers 3

Lee Bermejo, Jorge Corona, Rob Haynes, Patricia Mulvihill, Jared Fletcher

DIVERGENCE - WE ARE ROBIN review spoilers 2

The sidekick concept is kicked up several notches!! These are teens inspired not by the Dark Knight but by the Boy Wonder!!! They got a whole network set up. The crew is extremely social media savvy using texts and Twitter to communicate and fight crime. Six of them feature here: DaxAtax, Dre-B-Robbin, R-iko, Robina, Shug-R, and TheTroyWonder. Each has a different coloured box to point out who’s who. When one receives the message, they respond en masse! Their central hub is called The Nest. Quite ingenious, Mr. Bermejo! The Nest sends words of encouragement and empowerment to carry out the mission: “We are not punks.” “We are not criminals.” “WE ARE OPEN EYES IN A CITY ASLEEP.” “WE ARE ITS FUTURE.” “WE ARE EVERYWHERE.” “WE ARE ROBIN.” They have no super-powers but they sure got heart and spunk! Plus, they got the colour motifs going. Gotham has nothing to fear! {9 points}

These three tales were thrown together for DIVERGENCE FREE COMIC BOOK DAY edition. For my detailed review on all of them, click here. Either way, extra excitement for this trinity of top sellers!!!

DIVERGENCE - BATMAN review spoilers 1 DIVERGENCE - BATMAN review spoilers 2
DIVERGENCE - BATMAN review spoilers 3

DIVERGENCE: BATMAN – “The Rookie” [8 pages]
Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Danny Miki, FCO Plascencia, Steve Wands


DIVERGENCE: JUSTICE LEAGUE – ‘Darkseid War’ prologue two: “The Other Amazon” [8 pages]
Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok, Brad Anderson, Rob Leigh

DIVERGENCE - SUPERMAN review spoilers 1
DIVERGENCE - SUPERMAN review spoilers 2 DIVERGENCE - SUPERMAN review spoilers 3

DIVERGENCE: SUPERMAN – ‘Truth’ prologue, pt. 0: “Exposed” [8 pages]
Gene Luen Yang, John Romita Jr., Klaus Janson w/ Scott Hanna, Hi-Fi, Travis Lanham

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