JR Blog: Predictions For Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose, IC Title/WWE Tag Title Elimination Chambers

Jim Ross predicts Elimination Chamber 2015!

on Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose
WWE Champion Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose will be a match of the night candidate for sure and my expectations for this match are high. I think Rollins retains. Remember, it’s not the kiss of death to lose via another’s finishing maneuver without kicking out of it multiple times.

on IC Title Elimination Chamber
IC Title match inside the Elimination Chamber is unique and the Intercontinental Title was on its way to becoming meaningful again until Daniel Bryan had to relinquish the title due to injuries. I’d love to see Dolph Ziggler win the championship but it’s to unpredictable to call which I see as a good thing. Ziggler would be a great IC Champion as he can have excellent bouts with anyone on the roster plus he’s over with the fan base. Sheamus is also a strong candidate to win this match.

on WWE Tag Title Elimination Chamber
WWE Tag Title Bout is really a crowded field and the best team in the hunt, Cesaro and Kidd, would be great champions to build around but New Day has the potential to become solid villains so it’s another match that is hard to call. Don’t discount the Matadores in Corpus Christi winning either but my pick is Cesaro and Kidd which is likely just my wishful thinking.

on John Cena vs. Kevin Owens
John Cena vs. Kevin Owens is an intriguing match and a great opportunity for WWE to ‘make’ Owens vs the biggest star in the company whose losing would not hurt him a bit. It’s time to make new stars and in order to do that someone who is over has to do the honors and tonight is a great opportunity for Owens to upset Cena. That’s how I’m picking, Owens over Cena, although I’d be shocked if that occurred. Owens is my pick. Win or lose Owens needs to making memorable impact.

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