Neville Speaks Out On Elimination Chamber 2015, King Barrett, His Ring Entrance, John Cena

The Mirror recently interviewed WWE Superstar Neville. Below are some highlights.

On facing Seth Rollins on Raw
It’s crazy and I think to be given that opportunity so early on, it’s very, very flattering and I think it’s testimony to the faith they have in me. There are opportunities that I want to grab with both hands and run with and I feel like I did that to a certain extent. It’s very gratifying to be able to do that, to get an opportunity like that and to be able to perform well, on that level in front of the world, it’s really quite cool. For me personally, for my career, I think it was priceless. I’m very fortunate to get that chance.

On his recent match with John Cena
I know mate, it’s hard to believe. Honestly I have to pinch myself. I’m just trying to enjoy it – these are memories I will have for the rest of my life. I’m really just enjoying every step of the way and whether I beat John Cena or Seth Rollins or whoever, anytime I go out there I make the most of whatever is thrown at me and I’m going to enjoy it at the same time. It’s been the most incredible couple of months in my life. I’m just hoping it continues, it’s been quite unreal.

Neville on his feud with King Barrett
I was very happy to be able to do that. I’m a very proud Englishman, I came up through British wrestling, through the independents in Britain, and what we’ve seen in Britain is something really special. There is a lot of great talent out there so to be able to represent that on the big stage is something I take very seriously, something I’m very proud of, that is very important to me. To be doing it with someone like King Barrett who is an exceptional talent himself and has achieved a lot of success in WWE, I felt like it was a really good test for me. Also to represent England both of us together I felt was a real privilege and I think Barrett felt the same. We’re both very proud of where we’re from so it’s very cool to be able to do that.

On his upcoming match at Elimination Chamber
I think Bo is certainly one of the most underrated superstars on Raw and SmackDown. I think a lot of the time maybe he gets overlooked because maybe he is a bit deluded and a bit of an eccentric character! But the fact of the matter is, when it comes to in-ring action, performing and competing, Bo can certainly go. We have a lot of history and I know what he is capable of. We had some really grueling matches in NXT that really tested me and I’m looking forward to doing the same on Sunday. I think we’re both ready for the challenge and we could both certainly do with the victory.

On his input for his ring entrance
Yeah, I actually had a lot of input. That was a concept I came up with along with a few of the agents. We thought it would be cool. The concept is that it’s like every time I appear on the stage it’s almost as if I have been shot down from somewhere in space, like I’m a meteor that arrives on Earth. More than anything it’s a cool concept and then I got together with the production team and stage crew and we bounced ideas around. I don’t know if you’ve noticed the first few weeks we were kind of hashing around trying different things and I feel like now we’ve really got it down. We’ve got the pyro and the ziplines that look like the meteor hitting Earth and it’s a very cool visual that I’m very happy with.

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