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Since I was young I’ve always had a thing for Villains, maybe it’s the fact I’m a nice dude by nature, yet still have a cynical outlook. I’ve just always seemed to gravitate to the mad minds of Villains, typically ones the world have turned evil or have converted due to circumstance. I can relate to that in the sense of, its hard doing the right thing, and it never guarantees things will “work out” for you. Using this logic, I found myself constantly asking what was the catalyst for certain characters transformation to evil, and what are they going through in between each confrontation with the hero. As Star Wars fans we already know the catalyst for why Vader is the way he is, yet I was alway left with the question, what was his course of action in between battles with Rebels Alliance? Marvel takes a gander at this question as we follow one of the most Iconic Villains of all time…… Darth Vader…

A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away….


We begin following the actions of Lord Vader just after the successful Rebel attack on the DeathStar, needless to say his failures have caused a spike of interest of his actions by the Emperor, and now he is forced to deal with such failures head on. The Emperor decides to appoint a general to lead the evil empire and reclaim the tight hold it has on the galaxy. Vader takes zero liking to a new general being apart of his business, and he’s obviously not keen on the fact of having to check in with him either. Sensing deception Vader is smart enough to read between the lines and find out the Emperor is making plans without his knowledge. This causes Vader to go into business for himself,  keeping some of his actions off the company books so to speak. I love this concept and it give us further reason behind Vader’s fascination with the young Jedi Luke Skywalker. If the Emperor is plotting against the lord he will need a Padawan of his own, thus it’s clear he is questioning who young Skywalker really is…..


During Vader’s solo missions we find him making necessary preparations, first however he needs knowledge.  Transitioning from a business deal on behalf of the Empire, Vader begins his own personal negotiations between Jabba the hutt. This sparks inserts of intrigue as to how Vader will make his next moves regarding the treachery of the Emperor and furthering his own personal agendas and motives. Gaining said knowlege Vader enlists the help of a Droid Doctor, and tomb raider, as she helps him uncover and enlist a Droid army of his own. The acquisitions of Evil versions of C 3PO and R2D are also a nice touch, and seeing this crew of genocidal dark siders is a exquisite  tale of its own. Vader’s character is written perfectly and seeing how R2 and 3 PO would interact in evil form adds to the unique dialog through out the tale’s plot line.


This is a great comic for those who want to see a rendition as to what happens in between the major continuity of the Star Wars storyline, specifically through the eyes or helmet rather of Lord Vader. To see the harsh nature for what it really means to be a Sith Lord, and to carrying out the notions and plans of the Evil empire.  While continuing to be a major player in the tight grasp and influence on the Galaxy. Vader must balance his allegiance to the Emperor, as well as uncovering and defeating his Master’s own back up plans to destroy him, doing so by maintaining his dominance as a Sith Lord.  Out smarting a medaling General and facing the truth of his own short comings is also on the agenda, thus giving us a chance see Vader’s true intelligence, living up to the Iconic Villainy the name represents.


Kieron Gillen’s is really flexing his story telling muscles as we navigate through this twisted environment known as the Dark Side, where serving is forced not asked, and alliances are built upon oppression and treachery. Add the smooth, yet descriptive artwork of Salvador Larroca and you get a balanced comic series with artwork reflecting the story telling adequately, while capturing the portrayal of the Galaxy and its in habitants . I say take a walk on the Dark Side with this series, and for those who like to follow a the path of the un just, take a break from the hero always wins mentality and give this a gander. You will be reminded as too why this Iconic character is the figure head of an Entire Star Wars series, stretching as a favorite through multiple generations.

-Grainbelt Jones

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