Murtz On The Scene: Big Brother Canada 3 – Day After Season Finale Interview With Graig Merritt & Risha Denner


The day after Sarah Hanlon was named the winner of Big Brother Canada 3, I headed to the backyard to do extended interviews with the entire cast. I caught up with Graig Merritt and Risha Denner to discuss their time in the house. I asked Graig if he felt like there was anything he could have done differently to prolong his stay in the game and talked to Risha about whether she felt like there too many twists during the course of the season. Graig also offered his thoughts on how the game’s format could be changed based on a U.S./UK/Australia/Canada hybrid as the Ginga Ninja felt like this would be a better way to allow for twists to remain in the game while also not influencing anyone’s strategy. Risha gave me her impressions on the Final 2 and I asked her if she felt like Godfrey made a mistake by not bringing Sarah to the end. Graig flat-out called Godfrey’s decision a ‘terrible’ move and said that it was a $100,000 mistake. The pre-jurors also told me who they would have voted for (had they been allowed to vote for the winner) and offer an update on what they hope to do in the future. Finally, I ask Graig to recreate his exit from the show. Check out the video above!

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