Murtz On The Scene: Big Brother Canada 3 – Day After Season Finale Interview With Johnny Colatruglio


The day after Sarah Hanlon was named the winner of Big Brother Canada 3, I headed to the backyard to do extended interviews with the entire cast. I caught up with Johnny Colatruglio to get his perspective on his time in the house. I talked to Johnny about his line in the first episode where he said that he wanted to be remembered as ‘the next Neda and not the next Aneal’ and how often people bring that up to him. I asked Johnny if it was bittersweet for him to see Sarah and Brittnee do so well, considering they were two of his closest allies and if he had just managed to survive the week that he was evicted, it was likely that he could have gone to the end game (considering how the game how the game played out). We also discussed whether superfans or non-superfans have an advantage in the house as Pili ended up outlasting so many of the ‘expert’ players including Johnny, Jordan, Kevin, and Willow. We chatted about whether the jury ultimately voted for the right player to win and whether they were able to see the brilliance of Godfrey’s game as they weren’t able to see the episodes and live feeds like we were. I also asked Johnny about ‘The Rule Of 3’s,’ a reality principle that says that the best player on any season always finishes in the bronze medal position (as evidenced by Emmett and Neda in the first two seasons). Johnny also tells me what is in his immediate future. Check out the video above!

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