Murtz On The Scene: Big Brother Canada 3 – Day After Season Finale Interview With Zach Oleynik


The day after Sarah Hanlon was named the winner of Big Brother Canada 3, I headed to the backyard to do extended interviews with the entire cast. I caught up with Captain Canada himself, Zach Oleynik, to discuss his time in the house. I jumped right into it with the Regina quarterback as I asked him if he expected any backlash from the anti-Peter Brown tweet he sent prior to entering the house. We also chatted about the concept of preconceived notions, as I noted to Zach that many fans drew immediate conclusions about him and Ashleigh when the cast bios first were released. Zach had a lot to say about the decision to keep JP on the block and explained that one of the primary reasons why Newport didn’t work is because its two members weren’t successful in keeping the two sides of the house apart. Zach also rationalized his decision to not use the POV to save JP and said that the reason for this was because he didn’t want to out himself to either side of the house by naming a replacement nominee. Zach offered insight into the jury house experience and said he managed to smooth things over with JP almost as soon as he entered. I also asked him if Brittnee made good on her promise to sway the jury over to Sarah’s side and if she asked him to vote that way. Zach admitted that he wasn’t able to see the brilliance of Godfrey’s play while he was in the jury house and wished that he had been better exposed to it. Zach said that the jury did discuss the omnipresent twists of the season and did consider how houseguests made it to the end when deciding who to give their vote to. Zach also told me about how he managed to win over Ashleigh and how he felt when Bruno put the Triple Eviction POV necklace around him, ensuring that he was safe for one more week. Finally, I asked him if I can expect a Zashleigh wedding invite in the mail. Check out the video above!

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