DVD Review – Healing

The one thing that’s great about the expansion of foreign films into America is that you get to see a handful of films from actors who’ve made their bones in America from their native land. The Water Diviner hit US theatres earlier this year, a massive hit in Australia from native son Russell Crowe that won the Australian Oscar, and direct to DVD comes Hugo Weaving’s Healing.

Weaving stars as Matt Perry, a case worker in a low level prison assigned to Viktor Khadem (Don Hany). He decides to put Perry into a special program that allows people to work with birds as part of the rehabilitation progress. Yasmine, a wedge tailed eagle with a massive wingspan, is given to Viktor. They’re paired because Matt thinks that Yasmine and Viktor can help each other.

The problem is that we’ve seen this film a number of times before and there’s nothing new.

We’ve seen this type of film, of a person who has problems and an animal that is particular about being paired up with a person, and they’re never any good. We know the beats, the tone and the pacing and by the end we know where it’s going to go. It’s interesting for moments but for the most part it’s fairly predictable.

This is an Australian Flicka, nothing more.

None of note.

Anchor Bay presents Healing. Directed by Craig Monahan. Written by Tait Brady and Craig Monahan. Starring Hugo Weaving, Don Hany. Run Time:119 minutes Rated R. Released on DVD: 6.9.2015

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