This Bears Repeating #1 – Convergence: The Flash #2 With Crisis On Infinite Earths &…. Star Trek? With DC Comics Analysis, A Review & Spoilers

Welcome to THIS BEARS REPEATING, my newest column. This will be semi-regular in its appearances and will reflect the most current comics that are stellar in quality and phenomenal in delivery. You can disagree with my views. In fact, I encourage it!!

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For the nascent piece, I have decided to (re)familiarize you with CONVERGENCE: FLASH #2. I find this book to be superlative in every way. Barry Allen is the focal point of various timelines and realities. The Tangent Universe Superman realizes this as he converses then combats his ‘enemy’. Barry has a lot to absorb (as do we readers). As far as I’m concerned, this is the very crux of CONVERGENCE. The main mini-series has briefly touched on this given its own trappings.

I guarantee you that this issue will leave you reeling (in the most positive way). Read on (or again)!!

“Race to the Finish” (22 pages) by by Dan Abnett, Federico Dallocchio, Veronica Gandini, Tom Napolitano

From the many pickings this particular week, this is THE BOOK to read and re-read and once more!! So much trippy stuff! Science vs. Super-science!!! This issue packs a wallop @_@ Make sure your head is fastened securely cuz away we go!

Mind over Speed Force. Is there really any contention? The Tangent Superman delivers an eight-page treatise on analyzing the enemy, timestreams, parallels of the Hypertime multiverse, ethos, and philosophy. Luckily for us readers, it’s really not that wordy. The Flash takes it all in stride when he refers to STAR TREK. Classic nerd. Gudonya!

STAR TREK  - Kirk vs. Gorn promo STAR TREK - Gorn vs. Kirk poster
Superman refuses to engage in combat. He pulls a fast one (HAH) when he blurts Barry’s true identity. He then continues to present facts about his superior intellect and gushes over Barry’s heroic qualities.

Flash is itching for a fight. The next seven pages showing him piling it on as only a speedster can.

Unfortunately, Supes wasn’t bragging about his mental faculties. He brain-blasts Barry. The Flash is more of an elusive quarry than Supes realized. He is literally in the wrong place at the wrong time, to put it in layman terms. Flash must live to preserve the timestream. Superman forfeits. Barry has a lot to process with the startling revelations.

First and foremost, he must make a life for himself without his beloved Iris. His future isn’t guaranteed but he must face it head on.

Live long and prosper: Words to live by. The classic sci-fi series is mentioned twice.

Time(Clock of the Heart): Hypertime is brought up!! This concept lost traction once INFINITE CRISIS rolled around as almost all the fictitious individuals forgot about it. Huh. I’m one of them. How many of you readers remembered this? “Our realities are tangential alternates, co-existing in Hypertime.”

Hypertime - welcome
•Eugenics – the study of improving the qualities of the human species.
•Neo-Malthusianism – advocates of population control due to reduced resources.
•Misanthropy – the hatred, dislike, and distrust of humankind.
Unpleasant subjects all around!

Barry Allen is the only Flash that matters!
Superman from Earth-9 presents an array of arguments in favour of this Scarlet Speedster. He has my eternal gratitude. I can begin my thesis, borrowing from his ideas.

1. “You are Barry Allen. The Flash of Earth-Prime.” “You are a proven hero. Brave, determined, gifted, selfless. You have saved worlds in your lifetime.” You tell him!!
2. “You are disconnected from ALL multiversal timelines.” What more can be accomplished by Barry? He is a man out of sorts.

Flashes of many worlds
3. Barry is a complex speed machine: “Consider the anachronisms in your thoughts.”

4. Spoiler!! “You think of the Speed Force, but it is a concept known only to your successors, and…” HHMM, that sure got Barry’s attention! Plus, he ponders his ‘dislocation’ status.

Flash and successors

5. Images of the Cosmic Treadmill, Iris, the Anti-Monitor, and Flash dying all materialize from Barry’s mind. Barry is only cognizant of the first two. Obviously, the other images are foreign to him but portend an ominous end.
6. “You are bound in some Hypertime crisis. A crisis beyond the one we find ourselves in now.” Despite this, Barry returned to the land of the living 🙂
7. “You are the only being capable…You must live…you can stop the use of an antimatter weapon.” This alludes to the Anti-Monitor’s upcoming appearance for Barry’s unfinished future.

Anti-Monitor is threatened by Flash
8. “But you must live so that you may die.” A matter-of-fact statement that applies to everyone’s ‘normal’ lifespan but it’s quite the paradox for Barry, doncha think?!?

9. “Your sacrifice will preserve causality. It will save Hypertime. If I stop you now, if I…eliminate you…I will destroy all continuity.” Barry is the central connection for all timelines and realities!!

Flash dies during Infinite Crisis
10. “I will prevent you from saving the eternal timestream. I yield, Barry.” T = D/S [time equals distance divided by speed]
11. “One city for all creation? For the multiverse? It is only a matter of scale. But the scale matters.” Earth-9 must vanish for good given Supes’ sacrifice. Barry must return to his proper time and place to let a priori events inevitably unfold.

Multiverse Map

Mind-blown?? I sure am!! One thought just invaded my mindspace: how will everything reset itself with CONVERGENCE #8 being the final issue with only so many pages to address this predicament? This particular story is over and done.

Hits: 10/10

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