AJ Styles Turned Down TNA Offer For Hall of Fame, PPV Matches At Slammiversary & Bound for Glory 2015

TNA has Slammiversary 2015 on PPV on Sunday June 28, 2015.

The promotion only has 2 PPVs planned for 2015, and traditionally, TNA would announce its Hall of Fame plans at Slammiversary to happen at Bound For Glory.

The company’s plan this year was to feature AJ Styles for the 2015 Hall of Fame, and have him wrestle matches at both PPVs.

However, AJ is reported to have turned down this offer. Styles is still sore from how his TNA exit was handled, and is now firmly entrenched with New Japan and ROH.

Dave Meltzer quoted a source close to AJ (maybe AJ himself) about the situation:
A.J. wants to maintain his current brand as IWGP champion and Bullet Club member and he can’t be that in some places where New Japan does not have a current working relationship. TNA is an example. AAA too (because of the CMLL/New Japan alliance, AAA wanted Styles for some dates this year, most notably the recent World Cup, but politically it couldn’t happen). A.J. priorities are New Japan and ROH.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter